Are You Hiring Interns? Here’s Why You Need To Pay Them

One of the things that is very common among many companies is hiring interns for free.

Have you ever counted how many companies offered internships without even paying their interns a small amount of money?

Many companies hire people with little experience or fresh graduates under the title of “Intern” so that they can do the job without costing the company! There’s no denying that most of these interns do benefit from the company and gain experience that enables them to find another proper job with a proper salary. As much as gaining experience is important, these interns need to get paid for their effort.

This is why today we will tell you why you should pay your interns.


What Happens When You Don’t Pay Them

Not paying your interns will have a substantial negative effect on them and the company.

This will affect your interns negatively even if they don’t talk about it; not paying them will make them feel unappreciated and their energy and talent will be consumed without being rewarded.

It can also affect your company’s reputation as some people see this as using fresh graduates and those who are in need of experience.

This can also stress your interns out especially if you’re being strict with their tasks.


It Is Unethical

Imagine you’re working hard for someone and you’re not even rewarded!

Some companies depend on the idea that they’re passing on experience when it’s completely wrong; this is not the fair trade for someone who’s doing their best and working hard! Giving them the experience and the knowledge they need is not a substitute for payment.

So, making this as an excuse not to pay is definitely unethical.


It Will Encourage Them To Do More

Paying your interns will encourage them and boost their energy to learn and work hard.

Do you remember the first time you got paid? Do you remember how encouraged you were to do more and work harder because you deserved this for your effort?

This is what your interns feel! When you pay them for their effort and work, it is a sign of how they’re succeeding and you will find them improving and enhancing their performance and productivity.


It Helps Create A Healthy Work Environment

Instead of feeling they’re being used, they will feel appreciated.

A workplace where everyone feels they’re being treated fairly and equally is healthy. There will be no grudges held against other colleagues and the feeling of being appreciated will create a positive atmosphere.

A healthy work environment will have a good impact on your company and the whole team.


Enhances The Company’s Reputation

Your company will be known for fairness and a healthy and friendly environment.

This will attract more employees and interns, which will give you a good name and reputation in the market. Everyone loves a fair company that doesn’t use its interns or employees.


Reduces Burnout

Paying your interns will reduce their stress and burnout.

Getting paid at the end of each month is one of the factors that an employee or an intern looks forward to, but not getting paid will increase their stress and they will feel burnout.

Can you imagine being in a place where you always give your best without receiving anything in return? This will consume their energy and they might even leave your company without finishing the internship.


As a business owner, you have to understand that experience is not the only thing to provide your interns, they deserve to be paid for their effort and hard work. 

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