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Moms could be the best world cup supporters? Persil says YES!

Egypt returns to the pitch this Friday and the World Cup Fever is at its highest peak for the Egyptian advertising arena in 2018!

Ever since last year, brands have been jumping on the WC train, intensifying efforts to be part of the conversation that everyone won’t stop talking about.

Through dozens of campaigns and ads, women continue to be the least represented, with most ads and campaigns only using the token female here and there.

Detergent Brand Persil stands up to say that women could be the best WC supporters with their new world cup campaign.

It targets a much-forgotten segment of the national team supporters, mothers and women. The aim of the campaign seems to be directed at showing off women’s prowess in cheering and encouragement, which are ingrained in their DNA.

Persil breaks through the saturated WC clutter to embrace women and mothers’ natural and innate ability to cheer strongly and support others.



The detergent brand’s campaign is a bit of a tease, making you believe that they start off cheering for the team, but are really simply living their everyday lives.

It’s a cute and fun campaign that Persil boldly approached; it’s loud and in your face, a combination that most family-centric FMCG brands avoid for a softer and more feminine approach.

It’s an approach that most women and mothers can really relate to.

Although the campaign states “1000 ways that show cheering is always within you,” we’re sure that Persil probably won’t release another 980 video content pieces, but it is there to state that there are many ways in which mothers are constantly supporting us.

Thus, possibly making them the best type of supporter to have behind the national team as they move forward in continuing to make history.



Persil manages to jump into the World Cup conversation and trend while keeping its brand and communications relevant to their main consumers.

When joining in on trending conversations and events, it is essential to remember to always keep your brand’s messaging and communications consistent. Many brands fail to keep branding on point due to excitement or a need to jump into any popular conversation.

To keep your brand consistent when jumping onto trends, keep these tips in mind.

  • Brand Consistency isn’t boring
  • Make sure your entire team are on point with your brand’s aesthetic
  • Create a style guide as a handy reminder for anyone that needs it
  • Find your in-house “branding police” to keep everyone, and every content, in line

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