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Ants Leading Social Media Attack on Brunch Time

Everytime I get to approach or, analyze a Social Media Crisis, I always enjoy it more when I have abandon numbers, it just make the analysis more rich and sharp.  This Afternoon my friend Jilan Wagdy pointed out to me an uprising angry customer complain on Facebook with 250 shares in 15hrs. I decided to take a deeper look into the issue and bring some insightful conclusion.

 It took 3 minutes observation to realize that  Brunch Time Social Media team is unqualified to handle such a wave or to defend the brand reputation on Social Media. A page with 50,408 Fans and only 52 talking about is already a sign for in-effective engagement strategy [if they have any] and guess what ? They didn’t show any knowledge of the Facebook posts dimensions and no wonder they also didn’t positively respond to neutralize the crisis or, even show interest to say something after 15 hrs [which is a very long time in Social Media world].

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The Ants Story //

An Entrepreneur with active day plan decided to save time and get a couple of  fresh snacks as source of energy on the go. But! it soon become an ants escaping adventure when she experienced an ants moving out of her Brunch Time packet. She decided to take her part of revenge and [As her story says] found a way to take photos for the ants by high definition camera and upload it online.

Brunch Time with ants pic snapped by Yasmine Madkour
Brunch Time with ants pic snapped by Yasmine Madkour

 Read Yasmine Full Story

The Crisis //

Attack on Brunch Time page
Attack on Brunch Time page

It seems like Yasmine Madkour already have a better digital communication skills than New Brunch Time Social Media team, She succeeded to influence allot of people who decided to instantly attack on New Brunch Time page.

However, An important question is still popping up into my mind while I am writing this; Even if we are on Friday afternoon, But! Where is Social Media team now? What are they doing ? How do they think right now ?!

Its 18 hrs with at least 1 negative feedback every 10 minutes and the only technique used so far is either ignoring or, deleting comment.

By 4:30 PM CLT all the posts on New Brunch Time page was already commented by a link to the ants posts plus the page timeline was full of sarcastic yet angry comments for the ants found in Brunch Time packet.

Conclusion //

  • Eating ants is not a nice experience for a customer, Specially when it comes from a brand that position itself  as “The leader of the fresh snacks in the Egyptian market as well as providing other bakery products”
  • Underestimating the viral impact of such a critical issue that concern customers health, will not solve the problem, but! will even get it to the next wild level.
  • Hiring unqualified Social Media team is not a wise decision in 2013.
  • Slow reaction from Social Media team can make a small problem a Brand Reputation Crisis.

Disclaimer //

The Analysis above was conducted over a random sample of mentions and views being active on expressing their thoughts spontaneously without least interference of  business affiliation..

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