Anti-Drug campaign uses Linocut graphics style to grab attention

Egypt’s long history of drug abuse continues as new and stronger drugs persistently pop up, leaving a giant population weak and in trouble. A recent series of videos released by a group of Egyptians in Ain Shams shows just how widespread the epidemic is.

The videos, released on French website “The Observers,” showed various situations of drug abuse and its effects, from fights to random fainting spells.

Always fighting the good fight, the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Egyptian Anti-Addiction Treatment Fund (also known as the national fund for the prevention and treatment of drug addiction and abuse), has just released a new video copy for their long-running campaign “You are stronger.”

This new campaign uses an interesting new aesthetic. Heavily influenced by abstract illustrations and the Linocut design movement, this new PSA is fascinating to watch.

The campaign follows the same format as their previous entries. Local singer Ahmed Gamal’s smooth voice follows on a steady yet simple beat, a reminder of the growing trend from Ramadan.

The video’s aesthetic switches from monochromatic to colorful pieces in an effort to subconsciously link the lyrics to change.

The Linocut design style is a visually striking style that focuses on a grungy, vintage and otherworldly aesthetic. This monochromatic style features stark lines, overlaying objects, various shading techniques and an abstract feel.

The song focuses on people already on drugs, stating that they are stronger than a path with no hope. Explaining that you still have a long life ahead of you, a beautiful world that awaits and not to let your weaknesses and vices stop you.

A change of perspective

The new PSA shows a sudden change from previous ads. For the past few years, the “You are stronger” campaign has relied on ambassadors, most recently Liverpool star and local hero Mohamed Salah, alongside a more dramatic approach.

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This new approach, using interestingly innovative and captivating visuals, comes as endorsements are at an all-time high due to the recent Ramadan and World Cup advertising season. The new distinctive style, however, is sure to easily grab attention from the most troubled audience members.

At the beginning of the year, Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali stated that the drug abuse rate has reached 10% of the population, making it twice the global rate. This makes it all the more important for the government to try and reach youth and users with more interesting themes and visual styles.

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