You talkin’ to me? Anghami and Unilever say yes, yes we are

Personalize the experience, personalize your emails, personalize the product, personalize, personalize, personalize. With the emergence, and the growth, of website cookies, big data and more, marketing has been shifting towards trying to create more personalized ads and content that make consumers feel like the brand knows them.

It’s not just technology that is helping the shift, but younger consumers have been known to prefer personalized experiences over traditional offers and ads.

And it looks like Lebanese music streaming service Anghami and media partner DMS are listening, and are talking to consumers on an even more personalized level, through name-targeting.


Through a direct collaboration with Unilever and as part of a continuous effort to maximize brand impact on relevant audiences, Anghami and DMS launched the “first-ever dynamic advertisement solution in the MENA region,” using name-targeting alongside multiple customization variables.

The music platform, which has more than 70 million users, 3 million artists and a billion streams per month, is aiming to capture audiences mid-playlist by catching them off-guard by using their name and other preferences in their ads.

The new dynamic ads deliver a fully-customized audio spot, harnessing Anghami’s 6 years of user behavior to deliver a personalized and highly-relevant audio ad to millions of users.


The spots started with the user’s name and combined with his/her music preference, the time of day and a product recommendation based on data.

The dynamic ads were first heard and rolled out for Unilever’s Close-Up campaign in Egypt.

Anghami users were pleased and excited as they uploaded positive experiences and reactions online.

According to Anghami, “the current collaboration between Unilever and Anghami allowed Lipton and Closeup to hyper-customize its product recommendations per user with up to 4 variables per spot.”

This type of native, optimized content is still something new and exciting for both consumers and brands in MENA. The dynamic ads are a native solution meant to generate engagement, brand insight, leads and a more direct and faster path to conversion.

Have you heard your name yet?

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