An Introvert’s Guide to A Proper Communication at Work

Some people are born natural communicators while others have no clue how to start a conversation. Introverts are usually mistaken for people who are either weak or arrogant, which is completely wrong. Communication is a skill that either you have it or you learn it and work on improving it.

Introverts are quiet by nature, they don’t speak much but they overthink! This is considered to be a problem for introverts especially at work. The work environment is all about communication, it’s the place where you can build connections and form new friendships.

To many people, this might be easy but to introverts, this is one of the hardest tasks ever! Therefore, if you’re an introvert, let us give you a few tips to help you communicate at work.


1- Don’t Be Just A Listener

If you are in a meeting or just sitting with colleagues, don’t just listen to the conversation, get involved.

If you’re a new employee, people would want to know more about you, this is your chance to communicate. So, don’t just listen to the conversation your colleagues are having, be part of it, and be yourself.

If you’re in a meeting then you need to speak up and don’t be a passive listener. Managers want their employees to express their ideas and opinions and be part of the team. They want to know your passion and what you can give to the company.

So, express your opinions and ideas without being scared.


2- Prepare for Meetings

Introverts feel scared a little to share their ideas or communicate because they think people would judge them. Therefore, as an introvert, you always have to prepare for your meeting. Before attending any meeting, prepare your ideas, questions, and the points you want to discuss; this will put you on the right track whenever you are going into a meeting.


3- Believe In Yourself

Introverts will always need motivation and a reason to communicate. Remember, the company hired you for a reason, use this reason to be able to communicate with your colleagues. If you’re in a meeting, then use your experience and talents to be part of the team to prove yourself.

Your talents will make you as equal as any other employee, so be sure that when you talk people will listen to you.


4- You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone, So, Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t stress yourself and be someone you’re not. You’re doing a huge effort by trying to get out of your comfort zone, so take it easy on yourself.

You don’t always have to be a talkative person that runs conversations all the time. You should put most of your effort into your work to prove yourself and communicate with a decent amount so you don’t feel stress out and affects your performance.


5- Give Yourself Time to Recharge

You will need some alone time for yourself to recharge your energy. As we said, you don’t have to be communicating all the time, you need some time for yourself to be alone and to communicate with yourself.

So, during your working day, you can take some time to spend on your own to relax a little. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you will need this alone time.


6- Involve Yourself In One-On-One Conversation

Introverts prefer small groups or a one-on-one conversation, it’s where they can truly express and talk.

So, if you’re an introvert, start communicating in small groups, you will find it easier and you will find yourself able to start a conversation. Also, a one-on-one conversation is a good start, you will have a space to talk and share opinions and get along.


 The important thing is that you shouldn’t feel stressed over trying to communicate and take your time. You also, don’t have to do that all the time and most importantly be yourself.

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