An Interview With Adly Thoma Discussing The Partnership Between Creative Industry Summit and Gemini Africa

One of the partnerships of Creative Industry Summit is with Gemini Africa and Cinema Tech and since we were sponsoring the event we were honored to have an interview with Adly Thoma, Chairman and CEO – Gemini Africa and Cinema Tech.


1- What encouraged you to be part of C-S’s 12th edition?

We, at Gemini Africa, are focused on impacting the lives of young entrepreneurs and talented youth with bright ideas through offering innovative services and opening the door to untapped opportunities.

And when we connected with the CIS team, knowing that the summit is the hub of the MENA region showcasing creativity in all of its aspects, we felt that together we can create a new ecosystem fostering creativity and innovation by bridging between the CIS audience and participants and our Gemini Community


2- In your opinion, how do you think entrepreneurs can benefit from C-S?

I think that entrepreneurs can benefit from the C-S in many ways; first by having the opportunity to showcase their products and services to an inspiring audience.

Second, in addition to the exposure, the quality of the workshops and panels that will be held during the summit will help our Gemini Community of entrepreneurs to discover how to stretch their business and projects to fit parts of the market that they were not aware of.

Finally, the networking that will take place during the activities of the summit with established business experts and tech professionals will add great value and enrich the knowledge of our fellow entrepreneurs.


2- Since this is the first collaboration with C-S, tell us which part of the event you were most excited about?

The CIS is such a hip event to attend … I was excited about a lot of panels and workshops especially ones relating to filmmaking, music, and arts.

I was also super thrilled about introducing the CinemaTech track this year as part of the summit and stretching its umbrella to all of the creative industries community!


4- How do you think C-S can impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt?

I think CIS will have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem as it sheds the light on a diversified range of industries showcasing their activities and their market challenges serving as an eye-opener for entrepreneurs to discover the opportunities for injecting technology and innovation within these inspiring industries.



5- How do you think this partnership will impact CinemaTech?

CinemaTech is a new entrepreneurial track that although holding the beautiful name of cinema but is considered an umbrella targeting the injection of technology and digital transformation to the creative industries as a whole … ranging from arts to drama to music to media…etc.

Our partnership with the CIS highlighted that to both worlds and stretch CinemaTech to uplift not just the filmmaking industry but the whole world of creative industries.


6- How do you think entrepreneurship and technology can impact filmmaking?

Technology has been a driver for innovation changing industries, services, and products at their very core.

The filmmaking industry has longed for this magical touch of innovation and new ideas and now is the right time.

What we are trying to do is to bridge the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the cinema experts by initiating programs on how to use technology to develop the industry.

We are focusing on entrepreneurs creating platforms, software solutions, and using new technologies that will aid in the different stages of cinema production starting from the very beginning of the process till the final projects hit the market to take the industry to the next level!


We would love to thank Adly Thoma for giving us the time for this lovely interview. 

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