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Amazon Dating: Fake site to find love pre-Valentine’s Day

Online dating has become incredibly viral! You’d be surprised to know how many users are on Tinder, no need to guess, it’s almost 50 million users!

So, with the urge to date is spreading, and with Valentine’s day is right around the corner, a website that is supposed to be amazon, called Amazon Dating (  was created but not to sell products, it’s to sell people!

Who created Amazon Dating site?

A group of content creators Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, Morgan Gruer with an animation company Thinko, created Amazon Dating, a satirical dating platform where people can fake-purchase their dream date.

The fake amazon website to offer people the ability to buy a partner. The website contains list of men and women, can be old or young, with a price tag.

The website looks eerily similar to Amazon’s real site and has functional features. When you click on the person who’s for sale, you’ll find reviews, a description, a 5 stars rate, you can actually change their height and you will find a Love Language options.

Every person who’s “for sale” on Amazon Dating comes with a price, reviews, description of hobbies, and even a drop down to choose how tall you want them to be.

The website also offers you multipe options like; Amazon’s Choice, how many left in stock, best seller, and deal of the day who’s Teddy, a 87 year old man, who doesn’t feel guilty about staying in on Saturdays.

There’s also Jake, a 28 year old guy. He’s 167CM and he likes butterflies. You’ll find some photos of him inside and a 5 stars rate.

Once you choose your desired partner and click buy, you’ll get a fake confirmation message that your order has been replaced.

When you also click on “Don’t see what you’re looking for” it will take you straight to Netflix, also when you press “Your Last Relationship” It will take straight to Toxic by Britney Spears! As for the legal section you’ll download a Non-Ghosting Agreement Pdf document.

Amazon Dating Controversy On The Way

The controversial part about the website and what made people leave negative comments was the price range. Prices differed from one person to another and the “Buy” button on the dark-skinned people was inappropriate as it’s the black history month; so, it was offensive to some viewers.

So, in the end, don’t get all hyped up because you’ll be ghosted and you’ll probably remain single on Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day For All.

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