Digital marketing developed to be MENA’s biggest hub of entertaining knowledge

The key to all of that is content – good stuff that people enjoy, people get some value from, and people want to come back to in the future. It become very challenging to create that method of knowledge transformation platforms that is both entertaining and informative.

With all types of-books and information become accessible easily via Google. It become easy to most individuals and executives to find easy and popular content alternative to expensive, boring or long monthly courses.

However, Top level professionals are still seeking for more valuable content, it is not informational content, its inspirational content!

To fill this gap, a new platform developed to be devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short videos and powerful talks that transfer life-experience from different sectors including HR, Marketing, Sports, Lifestyle and Art.

The video content has grown very fast in the last few years, becoming an essential method to reach time restricted people, while specialized online universities and online platforms have sprouted all across the world. Even Egyptian universities, such as our very own MIU and MSA, have started embracing the online teaching world.


Entertaining Knowledge in Arabic!

The MENA region’s online education and e-learning market has been valued at 558m USD, with an expected 9.8% growth until 2023. This makes it a highly valuable market in which many have only barely scratched the surface of.

One company is laying out an ambitious plan to change that. Founded by five industry veterans, is gearing up to become the region’s leading online video e-learning platform. founders Team founders Team

The online platform aims to provide Arab users with over 10,000 high profile Arab and international mentors, offering users an extensive catalogue of videos. Training videos, expert talks, and free motivational talks are some of the video content that will be available to website users. is definitely a unique digital hub, as an Arab run and focused on professional people development, they are able to provide unique and relevant knowledge and solutions specific to the region by offering video courses and motivational/informative talks in Arabic and English.

Currently in its Beta phase, the personal development platform is slated to bring tailored Arabic and English content from a wide range of specially selected expert mentors.

Many of which are quite well-known such as football legend Diego Armando Maradona, co-founder and CEO of Ronaldo Mouchawar, international management expert Dr. Khaled Habib, and renowned Egyptian Footballer Hazem Imam. Quality over Quantity

As educational quality continues to drop in the schooling systems, and the need for more qualifications rises as more and more people need jobs, the need for quality education and certificates have risen.

Through a selective process, the expert mentors on this online platform have been chosen carefully. chief executive officer, Dr. Ihab Fikry stated that “We are dedicated to developing the knowledge of Arabs across the region, and for this reason, in addition to paid for training videos courses, we are offering motivational and informative video content.”

Have you faced problems learning from other e-learning platforms, such as information that you can’t use in Egypt? Let us know in the comments below.

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