Ahmed Moursy Talks About Heartwork’s Collaboration With Creative Industry Summit And Many More

As a part of our partnership with Creative Industry Summit, we couldn’t miss the chance of interviewing Ahmed Moursy, Head of Innovation at Mountain View to ask him about the event and the collaboration between Heartwork and Creative Industry Summit.

Here is how it went.


1- In your opinion, what distinguishes Creative Industry Summit from the other Summits?

  • CIS is considered the center of attention of every creative mind and an eye-opener to the world of creativity and entrepreneurship from various angles. The most valuable distinguishable opportunity the platform offers to help shape and empower youth’s mindset to aspire and open doors to untapped new realms of opportunities for all of those talented generations out there searching for the right moment to unleash their powers.


2- You and C-S have the same vision of empowering innovation and presenting creative business solutions; how do you think C-S can change the market and business?

  • CIS has successfully remained committed and authentic to its core goal over the years, as the platform aims to shed the spotlight on exceptional creative solutions. As we in Mountain View look forward to opening up new opportunities to forward-thinking communities to foster the entrepreneurial mindset and exemplify our shared commitment to innovation.

Our support and presence this year came over stages. We first broadened the attendee’s perspective through a panel talk to share and empower their entrepreneurial mindset giving them a glimpse of what the Heartwork resembles in our creative experience on the ground and push them forward into the industry to pursue their dreams and contribute to the sector’s development through investing in our future leaders.


3- This is the second collaboration between C-S and Heartwork; what is it that you got from last year’s cooperation, and what did you get from this year’s?

  • When we collaborated last year with CIS, our goal was not to create just a buzz around the Heartwork project but to offer a prominent workplace environment to connect and accent that Heartwork, innovated by Mountain View is catering to the fact that Millennials and Generation Z spend most of their days locked in an office.

However, with generations changing and demanding different concepts, the working environment has to cope with changing needs to change the business game. Now that we witnessed the second collaboration with CIS, I can proudly say that the “Science of Happiness” concept has grown since last year, as the industry itself elevates, we exist to strive and connect our audience with creativity and innovation to create the optimum work-life atmosphere and aim to set a new benchmark to the business community.


4- What distinguishes the 12th Edition from the 11th other than being virtual?

The 12th edition was purely an on-ground presence gathering creativity in all aspects and fields branching out into 21 tracks, which gave an excellent opportunity for each stakeholder. Having this ignites a conversation with different business leaders in different fields, which will diversify the creative activation held on-ground throughout the event through Heartwork to sustain the identity & connection with the CIS platform.


This year Heartwork; showcased the optimum work environment atmosphere by bringing the experience to life through its four main pillars of happiness that focus on the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul that should exist in every workplace setting to increase employee productivity, retention and grow sales.


5- What is the difference you want to see C-S making in the creative field?

  • With a particular focus on sharing creativity, innovation, and technology. The valuable opportunity and difference we want CIS to offer is to amplify the sense of the creative solutions & innovations to shift the industry and increase branched tracks to cater specific touchpoints in the innovation field, which will unlock promising possibilities and open the doors to youth.


6- What did you hope the attendees would get from attending the workshops and listening to the speakers?

  • It is a known fact that summits play a vital and robust role in promoting countries, and is one of our objectives to attract creativity and innovation in the market as the power of entrepreneurship stems from the strength of an addressed market need that proves its futuristic success.


We have to admit that the 12th edition has achieved a huge success. 

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