After-Eid Syndrome: How To Be Productive After A Long Eid Holiday

After spending a whole week doing absolutely nothing, today we are back to work again.

We can say that almost all of us are struggling after a long holiday, and since we had a long Eid holiday, today we bet that most people are trying to process how they used to work. One of the things that makes getting back to work difficult is having clients or managers who request tasks to be done immediately.

Whether you’re a client, manager, or employee, you are definitely facing some difficulty right now after Eid.

So, if you’re struggling to try to process your tasks and even your first day of work, here are some tips that might help you regain your productivity for the next day.


1- Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

What you’re feeling is completely normal, so don’t overwhelm yourself because it will make it worse.

You have to be sure that the lack of focus and not being able to process anything on the first day after a holiday is completely normal as your brain is trying to function and get in the mood again. So, don’t stress yourself out and get anxious because it will make it worse and you will completely lose focus.

Instead, try to relax and start your day to get in the mood.


2- Organize Your First Day

If you think you have a lot to do, then organizing your day and tasks is always the key.

As we all know, your inbox will be filled with emails so, the best thing to do is start filtering your inbox. Clean the unnecessary emails; put in mind that not all emails require an answer, so start answering the most important ones and then return to the others later.

After organizing your email, start organizing your work according to the deadlines you have and start with the urgent ones. You can also create a to-do list with the tasks you have so you don’t forget anything.

When you organize your day, you will feel that you are productive and you will start working properly.


3- Take It Slow

You don’t have to rush yourself, this will have a negative effect on your productivity.

On the first day after a holiday, you will have a lot of tasks and emails; don’t rush yourself in trying to finish everything on the same day. This is why we mentioned earlier that you should organize your day and tasks.

Whatever can be done the next day, postpone it. Also, when you start working, don’t rush yourself so you can focus and give the best results.


4- Adopt A Positive Attitude

As we all know, you might feel frustrated because the holiday is over, don’t bring this feeling to work.

When you bring negative feelings to your work, you will struggle with coping and even the tasks and you won’t be able to achieve productivity. Instead, be positive and focus on work and that you took a break so you should be getting back feeling fresh and relaxed.


5- Plan Your Week

At the end of the day, you can plan your whole week.

You don’t want to go to work every day thinking about what you will be doing today! This is why it is better if you plan your week and schedule your tasks based on the deadline. Creating a timeline and going according to the plan will help you stay focused and prepare for your daily tasks.


6- Adjust Your Sleeping Hours

We all messed up our sleeping schedule during this holiday and it is usually hard to fix it right away.

When you adjust your sleeping hours, it will enable you to do all the previous steps. Getting enough sleep will help you go to work full of energy and ready to finish all your tasks. So, this is actually the most important thing you have to do, adjust your sleeping hours and get enough sleep.


In the end, we want to remind you that it’s time for coffee as it will definitely help you out; so start your day with a cup of coffee to be able to follow the rest of the tips.

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