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Smart Turbo 7: Affordable 4G the Vodafone way

Vodafone, the red giant of Egypt, continues to expand its already large and diverse portfolio of goods and services. The telecommunications network continues to pave its way to be the home of Smartphones with a family of smartphones lately introduced to the Egyptian market and with its latest 4G handset Smart Turbo 7 4G Dual SIM phone.

A decent looking phone with its 5-inch body and 67.7% screen body ratio, Vodafone is branching out even more into the cell-phone market.

In a time where we all shake in fear whenever our phones fall, due to the exuberant prices of today’s smart phone market, the company is selling an affordable yet very functional 4G enabled phone.

Vodafone may be an international company, but its timing locally is gold. Reaching out with an affordable yet highly functional phone at a time when phones are ridiculously expensive, the brand is expanding into a pained market with a painkiller.


Value for money

The Smart Turbo 7 4G Dual SIM, available for only 1299 EGP, is a simply elegant phone, focusing on function, affordability with quality, reliability and convenience. The Dual SIM allows up to 32GB of external storage and contains 8GB of internal, while working on a Quad Core processor and Android’s Marshmallow operating system.

Timing will always be important in preparing for an expansion into new markets, and Vodafone has it in spades with its new Smart Turbo 7 4G Dual SIM phone.

The affordable smartphone market has deflated in the last year, with more and more phone manufacturers increasing prices, especially for newer 4G able phones. Vodafone is entering it at a crucial time, and entering with style and a good plan.

The Smart Turbo 7 will also include a money back guarantee; the 1299 EGP of the returned phones will be paid back through Vodafone phone balance that the user can use for minutes, SMS and mobile data across 12 months.


The Smart Turbo 7 4G Dual SIM phone by Vodafone will be launching tonight for 1299 EGP, catch it on Vodafone’s store or buy it via the website here.

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