Adverts Interrupting Videos: Can they Negatively Affect The Brand?

Can you remember how many times an advert interrupted you while watching a video? Probably countless times because it happens on a daily basis.

Ever since social media platforms and streaming services added the option that videos could contain adverts, we have been seeing many adverts in one video. Some of them are not even beneficial to our needs.

Usually, we come across many people who complain about these interrupting adverts and the question here is “Would these adverts benefit the brand? OR Would they harm it?

Brands want many people to watch their adverts including their target audience but are they aware that people usually escape from adverts and even skip them?


Escaping TV Adverts to Find Them on YouTube

A long time ago people headed to digital platforms and online streaming platforms escaping from the adverts on TV. Everyone was watching series, shows, and almost everything on YouTube. Until the moment when YouTube videos contained adverts, people kept saying, “We didn’t come here to find adverts while watching”

The one good option that YouTube added is the ability to skip the advert. Later on, it wasn’t just YouTube that had included adverts in its videos, it was Facebook also.


Facebook Joins YouTube

It wasn’t long after YouTube that Facebook too started to include adverts in its videos. This time it was a bit different; when Facebook videos contained adverts, you couldn’t skip them. You simply had to sit and watch 15 seconds of an advert for a product that got nothing to do with you!

So, to Many people, this was getting annoying because they head to these platforms to enjoy the videos peacefully.

Facebook later added the “Skip” option but you can barely find it in an advert.


Games and Streaming Services

Adverts also interrupt many games. Before downloading any game from Google Play Store, you will find this statement “This Game Contains Ads”.

It didn’t stop there, there are streaming services that contain adverts unless you become a VIP and subscribe. For example, you can’t enjoy a series on Shahid without watching around 4 adverts unless you subscribe to Shahid Plus.

Also, Music streaming platforms interrupt songs with adverts that annoy the listeners.


Can This Harm The Brand?

There are many claims around this matter that people hate it when an advert suddenly stops their video. There were even memes that came out about this topic stating that when an advert interrupts the video, it makes them hate the product.
Some people joked and stated that whenever an advert interrupts a video they close their eyes so they can’t watch it, and some said that they rather refresh the whole page just to avoid watching the advert.


So, can this actually harm the brand?

If we were going to talk about the sales, then interrupting adverts won’t cause that much of an effect. Although, it can drive people to hate the advert itself. In other words, you can like a certain advert but if you kept seeing it everywhere even when you don’t want to, you will start to hate it.

This can affect the brand’s existence on social media and its promotional campaigns in the long term.


In the end, how do you feel when an advert interrupts your streaming? And how does it make you feel towards the brand and the product? Share with us your opinions.

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