Adobe Photoshop Turns 25 and Release "Dream On" Video

To celebrate Photoshop’s 25th anniversary, Adobe releases a video featuring tons of creations by artists worldwide. The video, of course, was made entirely in Photoshop.

The video is set to Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” and it was created using submissions from artists all over the world who sent PSD files to Adobe for use in the video. Adobe then animated the artists’ images layer by layer to create the film, which was made entirely in Photoshop. The result, which you can watch above, is seriously fantastic. It boasts beautiful artwork and shows off what artists can accomplish using Photoshop’s animation and design tools.

All the great work from artists featured in the Dream On video is on Behance. Take a look ›

 In the last 25 years, Photoshop helped create a whole industry of amazing photographers. Today, millions of people use Photoshop to do amazing things, transforming our visual culture and changing how we see the world. For a look back at how it all started and the milestones along the way, check out the anniversary timeline and interview with Thomas Knoll, coinventor of Photoshop with his brother, John.

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