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Abla Fahita under attack

In Social Media there’s no perfect formula for digital engagement and the open platforms have initiated a change and made the customers are no-more audience. They can interact with your brand in the virtual world and sometimes this interaction is a negative yet harmful for your brand reputation.

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Vodafone Egypt is not the first and will not be the last brand to be attacked or, face a Social Media negative feedback for an advert. The critical part of it when it comes with sensitive issues with national security flavor !

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Recently, a viral posts supported with video published on social networks brings a different explanation to the last advert by Vodafone Egypt starring the character of Abla Fahita. The claims attacking the lovable puppet as the dangerous spy and the funny thing about all this ‘spying’ business is that this funny puppet send a hidden message to a terrorist attacks via the advert elements and while the effectiveness of subliminal messages is often overstated but the analysis approach sounds really interesting !

 Viral video published on YouTube:

Another post linked Cheetos advert with similar case:


Its not actually the first time for Abla Fahita to appear on Social Media with political yet national security related event:


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We didn’t detect any tactics or, call to action/s used to ensuring that posts and updates have a good chance to be seen by mass target audience or, any mentioned calls to boycott Vodafone Egypt. Currently we can not calculate the estimated reach for the escalating issue, but! we will keep you updated for the issue and expected responses.

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