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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Launch your First Online Business

Part of a brand’s success depends on its existence on social media and digital platforms. Social media has proven to be one of the strongest methods in promoting a brand. It allowed direct contact between the brand and its audience, which led to creating a strong bond.

So, if you own a brand you have to work on its online existence and this online existence takes a long process to be established. You have to be aware of some factors that will help you run your brand’s social media page.


1- Set Your Brand’s Tone and Voice

One of the very first steps of launching a brand is determining its voice and tone. This helps in shaping the identity of the brand and helps to shape its personality. The brand voice and tone is the base that upon it you start creating content and its image.

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It is one of the most important steps because it will draw the personality you want for your identity to have and for your audience to imagine.


2- Determine Your Platform

Determining the type of platform depends on the product you’re selling. Some brand owners only use Instagram, while others use Facebook. Some other brands use both platforms to guarantee to reach a wide range of audiences.

When you determine which platform you will use to promote your brand, you have to study it fully and know its tricks. Also, You have to know what type of content you will be posting depending on the platform.

Once you choose your platform, the process will be a little bit easy.


3- Creating The Proper Content

As we mentioned earlier, the type of content is determined based on the brand voice. The content also is a factor that shapes the persona of the brand. Before deciding how your content would look like, you have to decide which segment of the audience you’re targeting.

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You have to be aware that your content needs to vary so it won’t be dull. You need to have engaging content to engage with your audience to create a bond. Also, make sure to have a role in the community through your content as it can raise awareness.

Put in mind that each platform has its content; for example, Instagram is mainly used for photos and videos; you can’t vary its content as much as you can with Facebook. Facebook provides you with many features that can help you create different content.


4- Who Are Your Target Audience?

Determining your target audience will also help you run your page.

You will know who you’re dealing with and how to deal with them. Also, put in mind that the determination of your type of content is based on your audience. Reaching the target audience will guarantee your brand’s success and popularity. And your target audience will give you a hint of how you want your moderation team to handle them.


5- Your Team of Moderation

You have to form a team of moderation who will know how to reply and help your customers. You have to set for them the tone they will adopt in replying to the customers. And not just the tone, you have to decide how you want them to communicate.

Some brands make their moderators reply with casual, non-formal replies using memes and a friendly tone. Do you want this for your brand? Will it go in parallel with its personality and voice?


6- Your Page’s Insights Is The Key

You have to stay updated with your page’s analysis, as it will tell you every little detail about your page and your audience.

Some brands’ owners change the type of content or the tone based on this analysis. You will know when to post and who interacts the most with your content. The analysis will also provide information on the age of your audience and the type of content they interact with the most.


7- Why Should You Use Brand Advertising?

You have to set a certain budget for your ads. You have to be aware that you will need to promote your content on social media especially if you’re launching a campaign. There has to be a certain budget that you spend every month on paid ads to promote your brand.


Remember everything is connected! You can’t do a step while ignoring the other, you will create a mess and your brand won’t be able to have a steady existence on social media

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