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A New Edition from RISEUP 2020 from Home Coming Your Laptop Screen

Through this recent event of having a pandemic threatening people’s lives, we learned how to survive and our creativity enabled us to maintain our businesses going without any major loss.

Since the pandemic is the main reason why everything became virtual and we have witnessed many events being held online; Rise Up announced that it will hold an event under the name of Rise Up From Home and it will include many speakers and tackles many important topics.


Rise Up From Home

On the 8th of August Rise Up announced its special edition conference that will be held virtually from home starting the 13th of August 2020 to end on the 15th of August and the theme of the conference is “Got Grit?”

Since the whole world suffered from the damage that COVID-19 had caused, Rise Up organized this event to connect the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem and to gather regional entrepreneurs to help them be more resilient to adapt to the current situation since it affected all businessmen.

Since the pandemic was a worldwide crisis and it hit some global businesses, the event will present the attendees with real case studies of global companies and how they were able to survive these past months of the Coronavirus pandemic.


What The Event Will Include

The event will be hosted on the Eventtus platform and it will include many speakers, such as the Cofounder and CEO at Affectiva Rana El Kaliouby, Vezeeta’s CEO Amir Barsoum and Omar Gabr, Instabug’s CEO; as well as regional and global VCs and investors such as 500 Startups’ Hasan Haidar, and Global Ventures’ Noor Sweid. Also, there will be global experts and professionals such as Andreesen Horrowitz’s Ben Horrowitz and LinkedIn’s Allen Blue.

Many activities will be included in the event, including satellite activities and entertainment experiences, a virtual startup exhibition, workshops, keynote speeches, fireside chats, networking rooms, and a Launchpad.


The Content of RFH Got Grit?

The content of the event will be in Arabic and it will include many topics, such as:

Smart Capital Track:

In this track, the attendees will hear talks from business trailblazers discussing what’s next for entrepreneurship and will share their stories of how resilient they are. The discussed topics will include funding, investment, new trends in the region, the future of startups in MENA, new investment opportunities, what investors look for, and how to become investment-ready.


Creative Culture Track:

RFH will have some of the creative minds from many creatives industries to discuss resilience’s strategies in the gig economy and to talk about blending creative functions into a startup and how to use media to boost growth.


Tech 4 Humans Track:

In this topic, speakers will be discussing how technology made life easier and how entrepreneurs are using technology to make the future better.


Emerging Tech Track:

RFH will shed light on what’s new and exciting in the tech world and how start-ups utilize state-of-the-art emerging technologies to figure out solutions and build businesses.


People Track:

In this topic, RFH will discuss how to build an organizational culture that can keep people motivated, fosters resilience and empowerment, how to create a good working environment, and how to stay positive during a crisis.


What Rise Up is doing is the best example of adapting to recent circumstances. No matter what the crisis is, there will always be a solution.

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