A Creative Hiring Post: Here’s How To Creatively Look For Candidates

Every company has a challenge when they want to recruit new candidates, this challenge is how to create a creative and attention-grabbing hiring post. One of the most important factors in getting people to apply for your vacancy is how you reach out to them. A creative hiring post can tell so much about the company with its employees.

So, today we will tell you how to create a creative hiring post and we will give you examples.


Make It Visually Appealing

You have to make a really good design and make sure It can grab the attention but put in mind that you have to reflect your company’s identity in it.

Pick colors that are comfortable for the eyes and also represent the company’s personality. Remember, any colors that don’t fit will make the whole post go wrong and you might even receive a huge backlash. So, make sure to put an artistic touch and make it appealing to the viewers.

People have to know your company once they see the hiring post.


Be Clear And Specific

You need to be clear about what you want in your candidate and the job description as well.

Don’t write something vague about the vacancy, instead, make it clear and list all the requirements. What you can do is add some creativity to the post while writing it. People love posts that are funny or have creativity in them as it makes them eager to work there.


Introduce Your Company’s Culture

It is a smart move when a company shows off its culture, it can be a huge factor in attracting employees.

You can show the fun side of your company; for example, if your company is following the hybrid system or has flexible hours, you can express that in your post. Also, you want your candidates to feel safe in the company, so make sure you express in your post that your company doesn’t tolerate any hate or discrimination.


Show The Benefits of The Job

What the job is offering or the company, then list it in the post.

This can be a huge factor in attracting candidates and it is also a creative way to promote the company itself. In fact, you might have seen this multiple times, where companies try to attract candidates by telling them about what the company or the job offers starting from types of insurance to a flexible schedule.


Get Inspired By Other Companies

If you want to get inspired by other companies’ hiring posts, we found you some.

Microsoft knew how to target exactly what they need.


As we mentioned earlier, you should introduce your company’s culture; McDonald’s did that in a very creative post that grabbed the attention.


An agency wanted to hire new creative employees and they did well in the post.


Burger King played it very well when it wanted to hire a marketing manager in the below post.


Here’s how a school was looking for bus drivers.


Horizon FCB, an advertisement agency was looking for a graphic designer, and here’s how it announced it.


Share with us a creative hiring post you’ve come across.

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