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9 Facebook Communities That Will Help You Learn About Marketing And Find A Job

Today everyone loves working in marketing and advertising as it is one of the most trending fields that attracts many people. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or creative in general can easily start a career in this field. If you even have great communication skills, you can join this field.

As much as a person would love to join this field, some don’t know how and don’t know how and what to learn about this field.

So, if you’re clueless about how to start, there are Facebook groups that can teach you all about marketing and advertising and can even help you find a job.



SYNC Community

SYNC Community is powered by SYNC School, it is a private group dedicated to all artists in Egypt.

You can find all kinds of jobs that are related to creativity and art there; many actors, content creators, graphic designers, directors, are in this group. Many employers post vacancies, and many employees post looking for a vacancy.

Also, people post their work there and introduce themselves.

It is one of the best groups because it can put you in contact with many people who can help you regarding any matter. It is worth mentioning that the group’s members are very helpful.



Egyptian Writers Community EG

One of the best groups that can help writers and whoever wants to start a career in writing or content writing.

People who want to start a career in content writing can find help there as many employers post about content creator vacancies. The group is dedicated to writers only and any vacancy related to that field. You can find many employers from magazines and many writers there.



The Designers’ Platform EG

Graphic Designers also have their own group where they all help each other.

Just like Egyptian Writers Community, The Designers’ Platform is dedicated to graphic designers. The group is mainly about graphic design but you can find many people post about social media vacancies, like content creators, account managers, and so on.



Social Media Vacancies

This group helps people who are looking for a job in the social media field in general.

If you’re looking for a vacancy in social media, then this group will definitely help you out. Unlike the other groups, this one has all kinds of jobs related to social media



Freelancers Hub

As we know, freelancing projects can be a bit hard to find, but this group makes it easy.

This group is led by the founder of the famous website Al7arefa and you can find all types of freelance jobs in this group. The group members also help each other and post about their work, and campaigns just to share opinions, and just like the other groups, members also help each other.



Entreprenelle Hub

This group is powered by Entreprenelle, one of the most famous entrepreneurship schools.

The main goal of this hub is to empower women and female entrepreneurs. It also offers mentorship, workshops, training, and a lot more. Members can share knowledge, experience or ask for support and post about inquiries.

It is like the other groups as it is considered to be a community where people help each other; the only different thing is that as we mentioned it empowers female entrepreneurs.



Rise Up Connect

Another group led by one of the most famous platforms, Rise Up.

Everyone knows Rise Up and Amr Hussain; this group was created to help entrepreneurs and connect them to each other. Everything you need to know about startups and entrepreneurship is in this group.

It connects business owners together and whoever is looking for work in startups can find many opportunities. Many discussions, insights, and job vacancies can be found in the group, so whoever is interested in entrepreneurship will benefit a lot from Rise Up Connect.



Marketers Of Egypt

Everything you want to know about marketing is in this group.

The group’s main discussions are about marketing with all its aspect as you can find many topics related to this field there. Many vacancies are being posted regularly and members share their experience in marketing.



بتاع كوبيز

This is not a group, it is a Facebook page and it presents all of the information you need to know about marketing, advertising, creating content, copywriting, creative writing, and anything related to them.

This is one of the best pages you can find; it can teach and give you much information in an easy and simple way. You will learn about content writing, running campaigns, and even how to deal with clients. The owner of بتاع كوبيز is Ahmed El-Ashry who does more than just writing about marketing.

Ashry has also created a series of podcast episodes under the name of “Copycast”. In these episodes, he discusses topics related to the field but with a lot more details so the listener can understand better, and he also invites big names in marketing, advertising, and copywriting to discuss with them insights, how they create a copy, and so on.



Which of these communities do you know and find helpful?

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