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8 Obstacles Creatives Face When Creating A Campaign

We all admire creative campaigns and once we come across one we instantly share it; this is why a campaign goes viral. The advert or the campaign you see on social media or on TV is the result, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of creating this campaign?

The process of creating a campaign is long, takes a lot of effort, and is not easy. In fact, creatives face many obstacles during creating the campaign.

So, today we will tell what challenges creatives face when working on a campaign.


1- The Client’s Brief

Most of the creatives or even agencies struggle with clients when it comes to the brief.

Some clients don’t send a clear brief and some send a really short one, both can’t help the creative team. In order to start barnstorming and think about the campaign’s idea, creatives need a full brief from the client that includes the client’s objective and details on what they want to promote.

If the brief is not clear, then creatives have just entered the circle of ongoing emails. When this happens, it obstructs the whole process and causes delay.



2- Lack of Data

To create a perfect campaign, you need every possible data and sometimes clients don’t send everything.

Creatives don’t just want brief, they want full data. These data include reports on consumers, consumers’ behavior, insights, and even materials. Creatives also need full data on the product they’ll be promoting; if a client doesn’t send the full data, then creatives will struggle when coming up with the campaign’s idea.



3- Understanding the audience properly

Creating a campaign requires more than just knowing the target audience.

We have seen many campaigns and adverts raise controversy; this happens because the campaign didn’t reach its target audience, or it triggered other segments. So, when creatives start working on a campaign they have to put in mind the target audience, and how others might react to the idea.

They have to be aware of the customer’s behavior and they have to know how to make the viewers relate to the idea.



4- Creative Block

Having a creative block is one of the most frustrating moments anyone could ever face.

Creatives probably have lost count on how many times they faced a creative block! Sometimes creatives can’t get their heads around the idea, and they struggle to come up with something to serve what the client wants. And sometimes, they come up with an idea but don’t know how to form it properly!

It gets even harder when the client doesn’t send a proper brief; this is when the creative block gets worse.



5- Client’s Budget

This is one of the most common struggles creatives face.

Clients always want something creative and mind-blowing but provide a tight budget, which can’t serve what they want. So, when creatives actually come up with a creative campaign, the client refuses to raise the budget. They want the same idea but with the budget they’re providing!

In fact, if you asked any creative, graphic designer, or anyone working in the advertising field, you would find that they all deal with this issue.



6- Amends, Amends, and More Amends

Creatives usually go into an infinite loop of edits!

Clients sometimes send unrealistic edits and they all have a problem with enlarging the logo. Either they want to edit the logo, the text, and sometimes the color, which drives the graphic designer insane! Also, they can send edits regarding the idea of the campaign, they could ask for an edit that could affect the idea itself.

Some clients don’t send all of their edits, they send one edit per time and that could take days or weeks.



7- Wasting Time

Some of the mentioned obstacles actually can actually waste time.

Some clients tend to respond late, which wastes time; the ongoing edits and emails can also do the same. So, the process is always exposed to many factors from the client or even the team that could cause delays and waste time.



8- Deadlines

Imagine going through all of this while trying to stick to the agreed deadline.

When time is being wasted, and when delays happen, it brings more stress to the creatives because they want to finish on time. Some agencies require to extend the deadline because due to the edits and delays, they can’t meet the deadline. While others pressure themselves and work extremely hard to be able to finish on time.



So, what you see on TV or on social media is the cherry on top, but the process is exhausting, fun but exhausting.

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