7UP changes Egypt’s streets cacophony into audio symphony

When a brand helps in making someone’s life a little better, that act of selflessness and generosity will build and restore faith in your consumer’s mind towards your brand. This is why CSR projects have many benefits for brand to change and resonate with consumers by changing people’s perspective of a dreaded situation.

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We have shinned the light on PepsiCo latest “No Light, No Game” Campaign by 7UP where they light up Basketball court in Lebanon. They changed the mindset of Lebanese people to the dreadful power outage, and how Beirut comes to a halt, to believing that their city can still keep going.

The initiative activation in Cairo, Egypt changed to face a new challenge focusing on Cairo traffic jams.

7UP did it their own way [#أعملها_بطريقتك]:

Forget about Las Vegas, Cairo is the city that never sleeps and most importantly, it is never quite. The streets are always buzzing with activity, no matter what time it is.

7up decided to change the cacophony of horns in the biggest city in Africa and Middle East region into an audio symphony. If anyone would have told us that being stuck in Cairo’s traffic can be fun few days ago, we would have called them crazy, but after seeing how the people was clapping along and smiling. Now, this is a Christmas miracle.

Watch the video below and see how people reacted…

7UP Arabia released today on their Youtube channel and Twitter account a video of how they creatively changed Cairo’s traffic cacophony of horns to a symphony of horns. Uplifting people’s spirit who were stuck in traffic jam and pedestrians alike.

Changing people’s perspective is a challenge, but doing your research, taking the initiative and be bold enough to try. You will see wonders. In less than 24 hours the video was viewed 144,998 times, and that is the Arabic version only!

Your brand will resonate in their minds with a positive feeling and memory. Do you think after this, when they go make a purchase for soft-drink, which brand will they choose?

Effective and Relevant Strategy Execution:

Consistency in providing such positive efforts in making your community happier will only benefit your brand’s image, along with, it allows your consumers to see that you understand them and their daily hassles.

You will change how the people look at your brand when your marketing efforts show that you can relate to people’s daily life insights and thinking of them in more ways than just sales numbers.

The inspiration lies behind 7UP campaign is how you establish an emotional connection with your brand’s consumers by showcasing that even the stress of the day can be transfered into happiness and chillness by doing it in your own way, just as the campaign says; #أعملها_بطرقتك

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