7UP celebrating Egyptian cultural originality in 4 brilliant illustrations campaign

Art has long played an important role in the world and us, with elements of design and patterns shaping our cultural identity since the Pharaonic age. Through hieroglyphics and ornate structures, we conveyed our love for beauty, pride and originality.

These are also some of the themes of 4 brilliant illustrations and the themes for international beverage brand 7UP’s newest campaign. The campaign celebrates decades and centuries past through designs that mimic the times, although with modern touchups.

Culture As Competitive Advantage For Marketing Campaigns:

Why culture matter in Marketing? Cultural differences matter enormously to consumers. For multi-national brands, the world is comprised of smaller markets that are distinct in themselves. These markets have their own cultures and languages.

After all, notions about cultural differences are often the basis for international marketing communications as well as global brand management strategies.

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For Egypt, we maintained a strikingly unique, complex and stable culture that influenced more cultures of Africa and Middle East region. Egyptians got their very own way to communicate and express.

Another bright campaign for the good times, 7UP continues its love for the uniqueness of the Egyptian culture while encouraging people to stay true to themselves, original and unique.


#المصريين_معلمين و علموا على الكانات!

Posted by 7UP on Thursday, August 2, 2018


The beverage brand celebrates our history, visual cultural identity and diversity through this new localized campaign.

The latest campaign from 7Up focuses a lot on Egypt’s powerful foundation, both historically and culturally, displaying our strong sense of pride, passion and diversity.

We have become experts with the ability to personalize and create art that show off our culture and ourselves, and 7UP happily celebrates it.

The themes of beauty, pride and originality are part of the 7UP brand’s philosophy. A philosophy that says there’s nothing better than being your true individual self and that people, no matter when in history, strive for originality. And as Egyptians, we accept and challenge any chance to show off our uniqueness.

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Part of a global campaign, 7UP Egypt teamed up with Forbes’s 2017 30 under 30 member, Ghada Wali, to celebrate Egypt’s cultural identity, our evolution, evolving culture, as well as our past.

Timeless Cubism

This first illustration immediately captures a sense of Egypt’s heritage and origins, livening historical legacy with interesting cubism and vivid coloring. The stoic face could easily symbolize the empire’s watchful gaze as the world tried to catch up with us.

The vivid primary colors breathe new life into the historical theme and classic art style.

It’s an exciting take on such an old theme, it almost makes it new again.

7UP probably chose this because you simply can’t think of Egypt without our great beginnings, and it is truly an important part of our historical and cultural heritage. It is a timeless concept that is revamped with bold colors and another art style other than our own.


Countryside Playfulness

Bright playful line art or Monoline are eclectically drawn in this simple yet complicated tribal art on a can. A beautiful representation of how simplicity can easily become complex and interestingly picturesque. The tribal like art represents rural Egypt, or currently Upper Egypt and the Nubians.

According to Wali’s Behance, this design reflects the “Kingdom” in the 1880s, showing off the beauty and diversity of Egyptian governates.

The design really does display a lot of the diversity, how simple yet colorful life is in the countryside. Bright pops of color are a favorite distinct element, and important cultural landmark, for those who visit Upper Egypt.

A lot of the design are modernized countryside visual elements, retouched to be bolder and youthful according to 7UP’s branding.


The Original Wilderness

The old days of Polytheism may be gone, but lasting elements such as iconic black cat continue to be part of the country’s cultural identity. The blue lotus flower is also part of the design due to its symbolic nature and place in local history.

Proverbs, iconic cats and the ageless lotus are all part of a strong cultural identity that has been built over centuries. As important parts of the culture and previous belief systems, these elements continue the narrative of the Egyptian identity. It is even thought that Egypt was the first to domesticate the housecat.

Strong colors are softened by smooth lines in this design, swiftly balancing the two for an aesthetically pleasing can. The dotted patterns also add a sense of texture to the cat’s ears and nose.


Multifaceted Individualism

Humans constantly thrive to be original and unique, and this is especially true in our culture where we take almost any chance to show off our creative spirit.

One of the many ways we can see this part of our culture is through the cars on the street, particularly trucks and traditional Egyptian fool carts. Brightly colored and stickered trucks fill the highways with almost super random tenacity. They mishmash what should seem as conflicting items into a somewhat cohesive, fun and almost youthful design.

Automotive personalization is one of the most common ways here for people to show off their creativity and individuality alongside street art. Those are the basis for this mostly hand painted can design.

The can design has so many elements that can be easily found on the various trucks on the streets today. The can itself looks like it could easily fit in with those trucks, with outlandish spirit and individuality. Classic elements such as the lotus and the pyramids also make their way onto the can.

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