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7 things we expect to learn at Marketing Kingdom Cairo 4

P World’s Cairo edition of Marketing Kingdom is just around the corner and we’re getting excited for new information and details straight from some of the most major companies in the business.

Industry heads such as Microsoft, Shell, Unilever, Facebook and Twitter will all be in attendance to give some juicy details on how we can become better marketers.

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For the first time ever, streaming platform YouTube and social platform Snapchat are appearing on stage at MKCairo to provide marketers with, hopefully, some interesting information to help us build better campaigns.

Here are what we expect to learn from this year’s Marketing Kingdom Cairo.


1- How Snapchat could be beneficial for marketers?

Snapchat has mostly stayed quiet within the region, meaning marketers only have a small idea of what this 24H photo sharing platform has to offer as a marketing tool locally. It has also only been recently that the platform opened up branded snap filters for Egypt.

Although the current agenda states that the title is still to be announced for Snapchat’s Head of Agency Development in the Middle East and Africa, Jake Thomas, we’re hopeful for Snapchat to finally reveal its secrets on stage.

We only have speculation on how many users the platform officially has in the region, or what kind of new tools they can provide for marketers, so it’ll be exciting to finally have the platform speak up after all this time.


2- Cost-efficient AI with Marketing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and almost every marketer wants their hands on it, but not everyone can afford this super useful tool.

Marketing with AI isn’t that easy when you’re not a major player in the world of marketing with budgets large enough to cover almost all of 6th of October bridge.

Microsoft’s CMO Peter DeBenedictis’s topic “Smarter Marketing In The Artificial Intelligence Age” seems to be a perfect gateway for medium to smaller companies to learn how to start. We’re looking forward for DeBenedictis to provide us with some cost-effective intel on how to use AI for marketing purposes while on a tighter budget.


3- The Millennial workforce: are we changing or will they?

With a rapidly growing populace of young people, and Millennials all over the workforce with more still graduating, should agencies be changing? How do we prepare for the rush of a more youthful and tech-savvy generation of agency members?

CEO of Coolr, a Partner of Workplace by Facebook, Adam Clyne sounds like he will be helping us through this transitional stage with his talk “Millennial 2020… Is Your Company Ready?”


4- How to know when new technology is actually a good opportunity

Technology continues to be one of the fastest industries to date, and it only leaves the casual or not-so-up-to-date marketers with a heavy challenge and sometimes a severe handicap.

With so much information online and so many tech solutions to choose from, how should marketers should when something is a good thing?

Looks like Nestlé Nespresso Middle East, Africa & Caribbean’s Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Andre van Niekerk, wants to answer that question and more with his topic “Challenges of Staying Abreast Of the Technology Opportunities, and Prioritizing Appropriately.”


5- How to build a brand by actually listening to what people want

Consumers are becoming more and more picky about who they give their loyalty to, and it will only grow harder as younger generations are learning early on that they want to be more cause-oriented and focused on authenticity than branding.

Social listening has been around for a while, but looks like there is another way to use it other than spy on competition and find who has been talking about your brand.

Walter Thompson Worldwide’s Natasha Ighodaro, Digital Strategy Director of Newslab, seems to spread word about “Using Social Listening Intelligence To Drive Brand Strategy: The Power and The Perils.”

Hopefully it’ll be full of actionable intel to really get marketers rethinking about their brand strategy.


6-  Further notes on snackable content

Last year, Facebook’s Ian Manning gave us a deep lesson on snackable content. He is coming back again this year with another mobile-centric topic, “Develop A Cohesive Strategy To Making A Mobile-First Shift.”

Although the mobile-first shift sounds interesting, we’re mostly looking forward for more tips on how to create snackable content that Facebook and Instagram are all about.


7- What DO client-side marketers want from agencies?

Client-side marketers and agency marketers seem to be on shaky ground, relationship wise, as communication between the two don’t seem to be as clear as it used to.

Agencies are left wondering what to do, scrambling to figure out what clients want vs their actual needs, while client-side marketers are confused on why things aren’t going their way.

In this year’s interactive panel discussion, “What Today’s Marketers Actually Want from Agencies,” moderator Hesham Shata, CEO of Innovlutions Digital Solutions, will be asking the panel of client-side marketers just what needs to be done.

This year’s panel is made up of representatives of OPPO Egypt, General Motors Egypt, Egyptian Resorts Company [Sahl Hasheesh] and LaLiga Global Network.

What are you looking forward to learning this year? Drop a hint on our social media and follow us on Instagram for live coverage.

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