7 Things Employees Do That Annoy Managers

People always talk about their bad managers and how some managers drive employees to leave work. It’s actually one of the most common issues among employees and almost the number one complaint. In fact, if you googled, you would find many articles talking about bad managers, how to be good a manager, and things managers do that annoy employees.

But have you ever thought about things employees do that bother managers? The one thing that people don’t talk much about it is what are the things that could drive their employers crazy.

So, since we already discussed many topics about managers; here are some things that employees do that annoy their managers

Also, if you’re about to be hired, avoid doing these things.



1- Complaining Too Much

Don’t be a complainer, not everything worth complaining about, every job has its own problems.

Complaining too much about your tasks or work, in general, could annoy your manager. You’re all in this together, and everyone in the company is stressed and has enough problems; so, don’t be the one who complains a lot because this is the nature of having a job.

Too much complaining will make your manager feel that you’re not responsible enough and that you don’t like your job; this could affect you negatively.



2- Asking Too Many Questions

You’re allowed to ask questions but not when the answer is obvious.

No matter what your job is, before going to your manager with a problem, try to solve it first. Don’t ask your manager questions when their answers could be easily found with a simple search. Managers like to see their employees put the effort into their jobs.

Also, searching will teach you and will make you gain the skill of problem-solving.

So, before you go to your manager with a problem or a question, make sure you tried to search for the answer or solution first.



3- Coming Up With Too Many Excuses

No one really likes too many excuses; so, can you imagine how it feels when it comes to work?

Some employees have valid excuses while others always come up with one just so they don’t take full responsibility. This is one of the things that bothers managers because it makes them think that this employee isn’t responsible.

So, you have to face the consequences of your actions, be responsible and stop making excuses for every single mistake you do. You have to tell the difference between valid and invalid excuses.



4- Don’t Just Ask Questions All The Time

Some employees never knock on their manager’s door unless they have a question.

Managers want to feel that you’re leaving your own touch in the company. So, don’t just go to your manager when you have questions; you can share with them ideas and thoughts regarding work and tasks.

Your relationship with your manager doesn’t revolve around questions and answers, be more involved, suggest ideas, and even express your opinion.



5- Lack of Focus and Forgetting

Managers hate when their employees are not focusing.

You should be paying attention to what your manager is telling you. Lack of focus will make you forget what they asked you to do, and this would be a huge problem. Forgetting what your manager asked you to do or forgetting edits, will lead to serious consequences.

So, while being at work, stay focused and pay attention.



6- Lack of Organization

If you have multiple tasks, finish the urgent ones first.

If your manager asked to work on something, don’t ignore it halfway and start another task, this is a big mistake. Don’t multitask during work; you should finish what you were asked to or you might miss a deadline, which will negatively affect you.



7- Overly Criticizing

Don’t keep criticizing everything and everyone to your manager or even to your colleagues.

Keep your personal opinion to yourself unless you have a suggestion that can be presented to your manager. If you keep criticizing, it will leave an impression of you not being happy with your colleagues or the company; you don’t want your manager to get that impression.



In the end, It’s not just managers that get on employees’ nerves, some employees can drive their managers crazy!

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