7 Steps To Get Your Team Members Engaged

Having a successful team depends on many factors but the most important one is how engaged the team is with you as a manager and the rest of the company. In fact, employee engagement leads to establishing good communication between themselves as individuals and with you as their manager.

One of the challenges that face every manager is getting their new team members engaged; it is one of your duties as a manager to make sure your team stays engaged especially if you have new members.

So, below are some steps that can help you get your new team members engaged.


Why Employee Engagement Is Important

Employee engagement has a very positive impact on the work environment and the company itself.

When employees are engaged, the work environment becomes healthy and positive, it also can create a positive atmosphere. Employee engagement can enhance the relationship between employees and motivate them to always do better as they will feel that they are a vital part of the company, hence will make them feel more responsible towards work.


1- Encourage Teamwork

Teamwork will keep your team engaged and strengthens their bond.

Make sure your team is working in harmony and that the members can solve and overcome any problem they face. Teamwork is a vital factor that can enhance communication and make the team more engaged. So, always encourage teamwork and even team them up for specific tasks.


2- Do A Weekly Follow-up

You have to check in with your team every week to make sure everything thing is going according to the plan and systemized.

Hold a meeting every week to discuss the productivity of last week and what you have the current week. Ask them if they need any help with their tasks or if there’s anything they’re having a hard time with.

Following up with them will also increase the engagement rate and will make you have a better understanding of the team.


3- Treat Them Fairly And Respect Their Effort

You have to work on your relationship as a manager with your employees as this is the only thing that will make them engage with you.

Don’t be the arrogant type of manager; you have to treat your team just like how you want to be treated by them and your manager as well. So, be fair with them and don’t favor one over the other.

Respect their effort and don’t underestimate it, encourage them and appreciate what they’re doing. People work harder when someone tells them they’re doing great.

This will make them appreciate you and have a bond with you; in fact, you might become their mentor.


4- Give Them The Recognition They Deserve

Engagement makes them recognized; so when you recognize their success and hard work, you will push them to communicate and engage more.

As a manager, you have to recognize your team for their work and as individuals; build a bond with your team and with each member of them.

Reward them for their achievements and always praise their work and effort


5- Make Sure You’re Providing A Healthy Work Environment

If you didn’t pay attention to the work environment, you might lose your employees.

An unhealthy work environment will make your team hate showing up. So, if you want a hard-working team who communicates and engages with you and achieve your goals, then provide them with a healthy environment where they thrive and have the ability to engage with you and the rest of the employees.


6- Create A smart Plan To Enhance Engagement

You can work on creating programs for your team to enhance the engagement between you and between them and the rest of the departments.

You can create a mini-exchange program where your team can spend some time in other departments to gain more skills. Also, you can create a mentoring program that enables you and the seniors of building a strong relationship with the mentees.


7- Keep An Open Mind

Remember, all opinions are allowed, so always keep your door open.

Be open to all opinions and feedback. You have to admit that even as a manager, you can miss something or oversee it; this is where your team’s role appears. Your team can present creative ideas and solutions you haven’t thought about before.

Giving and receiving opinions will definitely increase the engagement between you and your team.


Be sure that when your employees are satisfied and your work environment is healthy, your company will be successful. 

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