7 Skills Every Marketer Will Need In 2021

We are a few days away from 2021 and we can’t deny that 2020 was a tough year for all of us. It probably didn’t meet anyone’s expectations, but it was a huge lesson for all of us that we actually benefited from.

The marketing field has learned a huge lesson regarding how to manage work, what to expect, and how to counter crises. So, if you are a marketer or want to start a job in the marketing field, here are some skills that you will need in 2021.


1- Adapting

“Adapting” is the key to surviving any crisis. What happened to the world was unexpected and it was a huge hit in the face as it was the first time people had no clue on what to do. So as a marketer who manages brands, you need to learn how to adapt to any situation.

During the crisis, we could notice how some brands adapted to the situation and took advantage of it. This is where your part begins! Yes, it is a difficult situation but the faster you adapt, the faster you will come up with solutions that will benefit your company and the brand you’re responsible for.


2- Digital Marketing Is Essential

We could tell that those who use digital marketing were able to survive this crisis. Even before the Coronavirus, it was obvious how digital marketing became an essential part of every business.

Those marketers who knew how to use digital marketing had more than one option on how to survive this global pause.

Everyone had no other option but to use E-commerce and social media to do the simplest chores. This is why companies that already had a seat in digital marketing were able to continue their business.


3- Subject the circumstances to your creativity

As a marketer, you know that you have to be creative on a certain level. You will have to come up with solutions to serve your business or help your team. This situation had taught us that creativity is important.

In order for you to come up with a solution to survive a one of a kind crisis, you will need to think outside the box. The strategy you are working on to secure the business needs some creativity. Also helping out your team to adapt and to produce a piece of work that fits the circumstances definitely needs creativity.

Creativity doesn’t have to be in how you produce content, it can be in presenting solutions to survive a pandemic.


4- What Your Audience Need VS. What They Want

A marketer should know the difference between what their audience needs and what they want.

The year 2020 had imposed on us new circumstances with different needs. As a marketer, you have to know which category your product falls under. Through this knowledge, you will have the ability to come up with a content and strategy plan to promote it the right way.


5- Can You Make A Critical Decision?

You will never know what the next day is holding, so you have to know to make a critical decision in case of facing any crisis. The new situation we have been living in now for a whole year now has affected every business sector.

So, if you’re a marketer, you have to know that you will face obstacles regarding your product or even team. This is why you have to be ready for any situation that will lead you to make a critical decision either for your team or your product.


6- Transparency and communication

As a marketer, these 2 skills are essentials. This is how you can keep your team as one big family. Your team has to know what is happening around them so you need to be transparent and keep them posted. Also, you need to communicate with them, and to be frank, this year had taught everyone proper communication.

Be aware that these 2 skills don’t just apply to your team but also to your clients. You have to be transparent about what’s good and what’s not for the brand.


7- Keep Your Audience In Your Head

What does your audience want? And how would they feel? These two questions have to be in the back of your mind whenever you’re working on a new campaign.

For example, when the spread of COVID-19 occurred, most of the brands thought about their consumers. Therefore, we witnessed many campaigns and services that were launched for the sake of the consumer only.


Each year will teach us something new and will bring along new skills for us to learn, so be ready.

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