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7 September Marks Vodafone Egypt Social Media History

Today, Vodafone Egypt fan page celebrates it’s 7th Million fan to be 2nd largest brand page in Egypt following Samsung Egypt (7.4 Fans). It seems that 7 September is Vodafone Social Media team lucky day.

Magical Seven: There are 7 days in the week, 7 notes on the musical scale, 7 colors of rainbow and for Vodafone Egypt, 7 September represents such an important milestone.

4M Fans on September 7, 2013

Back in 2013 Vodafone Egypt published its 4M fans celebration post to thank fans.

بيكم وصلنا ل 4 مليون فان على صفحتنا . شكرا لكل واحد منكم شاركنا فى نجاحنا بمعلومة او رأى وساعدنا اننا نطور من صفحتنا ونقدم افضل خدمة ليكم .
شاركونا لو عندكم اى اقتراح او فكرة نفسكوا تكون معانا على صفحتنا

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Saturday, September 7, 2013

7M Fans on September 7, 2015

Today, Vodafone Egypt posted its 7M fans celebration post whilst giving credits to fans.

بيكم بقينا ٧ مليون ..
٧ مليون شكرا ليكم 🙂

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Monday, September 7, 2015

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of well-planned objectives used by Vodafone Egypt Social Media team to benchmark marketing efforts during a given time-frame using September 7 as a milestone for Facebook growth or it’s just a coincidence!


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