7 Main Reasons That Could Drive You To Waste Time

How many times have you caught yourself wasting time during the day? Probably countless times. We go through these situations and we waste time without trying to find out why. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are wasting time until we end up racing it to finish our tasks.

There are plenty of reasons why we are wasting time in general and during a normal working day.

We will list some of the reasons so you can understand the secret behind you wasting time.


1- Losing Passion

Passion is what drives us to be productive and consume our time in useful stuff.
When we lose passion, we find nothing to push us towards achievement. For example, if you lose passion for your job, you will find yourself going there but achieving nothing at the end of the day.

So, instead of learning a new skill or gain more experience, you waste time doing absolutely nothing.

What you can do when facing such a situation is taking the time to find where your true passion lies.


2- Feeling Mentally Exhausted

When you’re mentally exhausted, you simply can’t comprehend the things around you, especially at work. You will find your mind always drifting away when you are working on something because it’s refusing to think.

Your mind will start focusing on things that don’t take much thought or energy because it needs to rest.

So, when you find yourself doing this, ask for a break, even if it’s for a day.


3- Lack of Organizing

Lack of organizing is one of the factors that can lead you to waste time. We’re not just talking about organizing your office, we are talking about organizing your thoughts and day.

Having a messy day and not having a clue on what to do next can also make you waste time. Some people tend to have this feature that when they feel lost, their minds just stop processing; so, they end up doing nothing.

Also, not organizing your thoughts regarding something or a task, can make you waste time because again, you will feel lost.


4- Surrounded by Distractions

Having your phone in your hand the whole day and accessibility to social media platforms will make you waste time. Instead of focusing on your tasks, you will end up wasting time watching videos, scrolling, or texting your friends.

So distractions are a major factor in wasting time, and we are all surrounded by them all the time. The trick is in how to avoid them.


5- Lack of Focus

There are many reasons behind the lack of focus. It could be mental exhaustion or facing problems at work or personal ones.

To overcome this problem, you first need to figure out which reason is behind your lack of focus. Finding out the main problem will lead you to the way to solve it and regain your focus.


6- Not Having a Deadline

If you’re working on a task without a deadline, then you will find yourself automatically wasting time. Some people need the motive to finish a certain task, having a deadline is an effective one.

It is very common that having deadlines make people anxious, so they stop wasting time and actually do their work. So, if you are wasting time during your day, set a deadline for yourself, and start working accordingly.


7- Mind-block

Having a mind-block is pretty common especially to writers and those who depend on creativity in their work. When facing a mind-block, you find yourself unable to think and end up distracting yourself.

This is also one of the reasons why you waste time, you can’t think of anything, and having a blank mind, will put you in a place where you just waste time hoping your mind can suddenly work.


We face some of these factors almost every day. Sometimes the solution can be taking some time off or finding what you truly love and do it to be productive again.

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