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7 Egyptian and Middle Eastern Freelancing Websites To Replace Fiverr

In a previous article, we listed some of the Israeli websites and applications that people probably use; this list included a website dedicated to freelancing jobs called Fiverr. If you don’t know, Fiverr is one of the biggest and most famous websites for freelancing jobs. In fact, if you googled ‘Freelancing jobs’ you’d find Fiverr in the top 3 results.

Since we will forever stand with Palestine and we will always be against the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians; we will list you 7 Egyptian and Middle Eastern websites that support freelancing jobs to replace Fiverr.

So, if you are using Fiverr, it’s time to check these replacements as they have many opportunities and also local.



1- Inploy

Inploy is an Egyptian website that provides freelancing jobs to those who seek them.

You can go to, pre-register, build up your profile along with your portfolio and start searching for the right job and client. Their Instagram and Facebook are also full of tips and creative posts.


2- Al7arefa

Al7arefa is also one of the most famous Egyptian websites for freelancing jobs.

Whether you are looking for a job or a freelancer, you can find both on the website. Start by registering to create your account, fill out your profile and then browse the jobs according to your field.

Once you visit the website and even before creating your account, you can find at the top of the page many fields. You can also press on ‘Get A Job’ and you will be transferred to a page full of vacancies.

The website is built in a very professional way and it is well organized.


3- Freelance Yard

Freelance yard is also an Egyptian website but it’s more than just a hiring website.

You can know a lot about the website from just the homepage. The website is serving 15 countries, has 12K registered freelancers, and 55 areas of specialization. It also introduces you to the team behind its work.

You can join as a client or a freelancer, depending on what you desire. You can also browse jobs before you register and the interesting part is that the website has its own blog.

Once you visit the website you will find the word blog and when your press on it, you will find many articles about freelancing, jobs, and many other topics.


Another Egyptian freelancing website but only for photographers and videographers.

The website introduces you to the photographers who have an account. So, if you’re a client, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Also, the website has its own blog and you can find a FAQ section answering your questions.


5- TasmeemE

This one is for graphic designers, photographers, animation, and similar jobs.

Tasmeemme is one of the biggest platforms in the Middle East; it was founded in 2009 as a part-time project and in 2014, it shifted its focus to promoting only Arabic content. The website also has its own blog and provides courses.

You can choose the field you want and sign up for a free online course.

6- Wuzzuf

It might not be fully dedicated to freelancers but it still provides freelancing jobs.

Wuzzuf is one of the easiest websites to use to find a job. You can easily register, fill out your profile, and apply for the job you want. The website has one of the best features, which is emailing you the vacancies that fit your profile.

So, if you didn’t check it, it will send you the available vacancies.


7- Jobzella

Jobzella is also one of the best hiring websites that serves both freelancers and full-timers.

The website follows the same track as Wuzzuf and it is very popular. It is also worth mentioning that its social media content is very creative.


8- Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have proven to be one of the best ways to easily find a job and fast.

Besides the ‘Jobs’ section on Facebook, its groups are one of the best ways to easily find a job. You can find many groups dedicated only to your field, whether you’re a graphic designer, a content creator, or any other title.

You can easily post you’re looking for a job and you’ll find many employers asking you to send your resume or you can find many posts about vacancies.


So, instead of remaining active on Fiverr, you can try the previous websites, they will provide you with many job opportunities.

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