6 Ways To Help You Beat Post-Vacation Unproductivity

Every year we all take a long vacation from work to leave all of our stress behind and come back fresh. Taking some time off is necessary; it can help you organize your thoughts, energize yourself, and it also can improve your performance when you get back to work.

The one thing most of the employees –if not all of them- struggle with is being productive post-vacation. Some employees take some time to be able to get back in the work mood again and they struggle with being unproductive.

If you find yourself unproductive post-vacation, we will tell you some tips that can help you out.



1- Return One Day Earlier

Don’t come back home and go to work the next day, return a day earlier.

A day earlier will give you the chance to rest from traveling and be mentally and psychologically ready for work. You can use this day to check your email or contact a colleague to tell you what you’ve missed.

This is the final day of your vacation, so you can use the extra rest before diving into your tasks.



2- Get Familiar With Your Tasks Before You Take Off

Before you start your vacation, try to know what’s waiting for you when you come back.

Knowing what you’re getting back to can make you productive post-vacation because you will be familiar with what you will be working on. In fact, your mind will process that information and during the vacation, you will find ideas popping up in your head.

You can also reschedule your tasks so you can start once you’re back at the office.



3- Write Down Your Ideas

Ideas can pop up anytime and anywhere, write them down.

Going back to work with ideas will make you productive. You will feel excited to share them with your manager or team and then you will start implementing them, which will lead to you being productive.

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4- Prioritize Your Tasks When You’re Back

Start from the most urgent to the less and then start working.

If you have urgent tasks then start with them to deliver on time. If you don’t have anything urgent then start with simple tasks so you can put yourself in the mood for work. This will make you productive but step-by-step.



5- Create A Daily To-Do List

A to-do list will help you stay organized.

Knowing the tasks you have per day will make you productive. So, instead of going every day to find what tasks you will be working on, start creating a to-do list of the things you have at work and even outside of work.

A to-do list will help to stay focused and never miss a deadline or a task.



6- Don’t Rush

Don’t rush yourself to start working! Take it slow.

Take some time to start processing what you have to do; you don’t have to stress yourself over the tasks and rush yourself to finish everything. Rushing yourself will end up having a stressful time all over again.

So, stop rushing and take things slow to have a good start when you’re back at the office.



Share with us how you regain your productivity post-vacation.

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