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6 Things That Can Destroy Your Successful Team

We have been discussing many topics about the factors that can make an individual a good manager and factors that can make your team one of the best. It takes great managerial skills and experience to be a good manager who knows how to keep their team members satisfied and loyal; a good manager can be easily spotted by the team around them; also, a bad manager is easily noticed in the same way.

So, if you’re about to be a manager or if you are one and you find it hard to get along with your team, or if your team member keeps resigning, we will tell you the things to avoid.

Here are 5 things that can destroy your team.


1- Ego

Ego is one of the things that can destroy a team and it doesn’t have to be you, it can come from the team members themselves.

You can’t treat your team members arrogantly or be too proud to admit the mistakes you’ve done. Don’t consider yourself more important than the team, the project, or the business.

As a manager, you have to accept the fact that your opinion could be wrong and that one of your team members can be more talented than you in certain fields.

Make sure your team members don’t treat each other arrogantly as well, as some people tend to feel they’re better than others.


2- Negative Comments

As a manager, you have to learn how to criticize constructively.

Constructive criticism can make your team more motivated and enhance their performance, but giving them negative feedback will do nothing but bring them down and break their self-esteem and their confidence.

This will worsen their performance not make it better, so make sure, you don’t comment negatively but teach them how to own up to their mistakes and how to fix them and get better.


3- The Overall Work System

You don’t have to be a bad manager, but your company might not have the best system for your team.

Some teams leave the company, not the manager. You can be the best manager the team ever had but the company’s policy and culture are not a good fit for them. Many companies have a really bad system that employees leave even if they have a good manager


4- Negative Competition

It would be best if you raised awareness about what healthy competition is among your team.

Negative competition is when you try to make an employee better than the other; this type of competition will bring your team down. Instead, make them compete in a fun way so they all learn; make it like a lesson to learn from not to hold grudges from the other colleagues.


5- Letting Emotions Interfere

Leading with emotions is one of the most dangerous things that can destroy a team.

If you let your emotions get into your job, things will get complicated. Being a manager, there are risks have to be taken and serious decisions need to be made, you have to be able to do that without letting your emotions interfere.

For example, if you have one member of your team who’s not improving no matter how hard you try and is affecting the whole team, then you have no choice but to lay them off.

Also, you can’t let your emotion of fear stopping you from making a big decision that can transform your business and position it higher.


6- Leaving Conflicts Unsolved

Every team faces problems, and as a manager, you have to solve them.

Even though you won’t be always there to solve those conflicts, you have to teach your team to solve them and to cooperate to work as a team not as individuals.

If you ignored the inner conflicts your team faces, this team will eventually leave. You have to make sure your team is working in a healthy environment.


You have to know how to manage the team members and all the details about them including how they treat each other so you can avoid any future obstacles. 

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