6 Reasons Why Your Talented Employees Leave And What To Do About It

As a manager or a company founder, you always seek to hire the best employees who can help your company grow, but have you ever been through a situation where your good employees keep on leaving?

It is kind of strange to find a good employee leave every once in a while; this has to make you stop and think about why your employees are leaving because you might find out that the problem lies in your company or your type of management.

There are many reasons that could drive good employees to leave and it’s not because they’re looking for another opportunity, they might be running away from you!

So, if it seems that you can’t keep your staff for a long time, here are some reasons why your employees are leaving.


1- Bad Management

A bad manager is always the number one reason why employees leave.

Being a manager requires specific skills that not everyone has; also put in mind that it doesn’t have to be you but it can be the other managers in your company. An unqualified manager can push employees away.

If you think you need to be firm and strict in order to be a good manager, then you’re wrong; being a manager is always about finding a common ground between you and your team so you can work together properly.

As a manager, you have to search for and follow an effective management style that can help you build a strong bond with your team.


2- Unorganized Work System

Employees can’t develop or improve in an unorganized company.

Let’s agree on the fact that organizing is the key to success in anything. You can’t expect that not having an organized system will make your team stick around, it will make them run away.

An unorganized system can be in employees doing tasks that are not in their specialty or having a non-manager interfere in others’ work!

You need to know that every department in your company requires a dedicated team.



3- No Room for Growth

If your company doesn’t provide an opportunity for your employees to grow, they will definitely leave.

Employees look for a company that can help them grow and give them a chance to get promoted; when that doesn’t exist in a company, employees leave. When an employee feels that they’re not moving forward and standing still, they will seek other opportunities to add up to their skills.

So, you have to make sure your employees are developing and improving.



4- Overloaded With Work or No Work At All

Too much work or too little work will make your team consider working for another company.

When employees are constantly overloaded with work, they will end up being burnt out and consumed, which will give them a reason to leave because it will affect their mental health. Also, having no work at all will also make them leave because there will be no room for development or learning new skills.

You have to balance the tasks so your employees enhance their productivity.


5- Lack of Recognition

Ignoring your employees’ efforts and achievements will make you end up with no team around.

What employees want the most is to be appreciated and for their efforts to be recognized; this will give them proof that they’re improving. When you ignore their achievements, it will make them feel as if they didn’t achieve anything, which will put them under constant pressure that they need to do more or no matter how hard they work, it won’t make a difference.

This will definitely make them look for other opportunities and companies that appreciate their achievements and success.


6- Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment can make employees leave a company even if it’s the biggest and most popular one.

Working in a toxic environment is one of the top reasons to make an employee leave! It doesn’t just affect their performance, but it also affects their mental health and can cause them depression and anxiety.

In fact, a toxic work environment has caused many employees traumas that can’t be fully recovered from.

So, you have to make sure, your employees are all getting along; you also have to know when to step in to clear the air between them.


How to Stop Them from Leaving

You have to think carefully about these reasons to find out how to turn things around.

When you figure out the reason, you have to fix it. You can also have a meeting with the employee who wants to leave and make them state their reasons so you can start adopting a new management style.

Always ask your team for feedback regarding the work system and the way you manage them.


Being a manager is not about controlling your team and interfering in every detail, it’s about teaching them and helping them become better and more experienced.

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