6 Critical Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Starting your own business is always a good idea but it is a tricky process and hard to stabilize and drive towards success. Over the years, we have seen many people start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, but not all of them succeed.

Have you ever asked yourself why so many startups and entrepreneurs fail?

We have been seeing projects and startups fail and shut down their business after looking very promising; but what are the reasons behind its failure?

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs fail at their businesses. We will tell you some of them so you can keep your business safe.


1- Not Enough Intelligence

By intelligence, we don’t mean your personal or general IQ, we mean your business intelligence.

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur requires so many skills and intellect. Understanding your idea is not enough, you have to be able to know the exact ways and requirements to implement this idea.

You have to know the people you will work with and you have to be able to put a plan that can guarantee you a successful business.


2- Not Studying The Market and Competitors

If you don’t study the market and your competitors well, then there’s no point in starting your business.

You have to know what the market is missing and how you can provide it through your business, what mistakes your competitors made so you don’t repeat them, and who you will be targeting with your product.

Studying the market will tell you exactly what to do in your business and what challenges you will be facing.

Also, when it comes to studying your competitors, aside from learning from their mistakes, try to know what the missing thing is from their product or service so you can provide it.


3 -Lack of Vision

You, your partners, and your employees have to share the same vision.

Sharing the same vision is one of the keys that can lead your business towards success. You have to set goals and work hard to achieve them. You and everyone who’s part of this business have to agree to be on this journey together.


4- Not Knowing Your Customers

Studying and knowing your customers is an essential part of studying the market.

In fact, not knowing your customers will destroy your business even with having the perfect plan and the perfect product. Knowing your customers will always tell you how to improve and develop your provided service. You need to be aware of your customers’ behavior and needs to be able to meet them.


5- Rejecting Ideas and Opinions

When you refuse to listen to what others have to say, it might cost you a lot.

You need to keep an open mind and listen to other people’s points of view; it might open your eyes to new ideas to improve your business. You need to spread the feedback culture so you can get honest and accurate opinions.

Rejecting feedback and sticking only to your opinion won’t move you forward, in fact, you will always be far behind your competitors.


6- Over Promising

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

When you always say you’re the best and the strongest, it will make your customers set high expectations of the service you’re providing and if you didn’t meet their expectations, it will lead you to a crisis.

So, always say what you can actually do and commit to your words. Your customers don’t want you to be the best, your customers want you to meet their needs and offer them new services.


Being a successful entrepreneur is a journey that requires a lot of patience and studying.

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