6 Habits That Can Make You End Up A Bad Leader

Being a leader is a huge responsibility and it’s not easy leading employees. As a leader, you don’t just order people around or watch the final results; in fact, you have an impact on them and they learn from you. So, if you’re a good leader, be sure that your employees will be thankful to have you.

Some leaders don’t know how to lead; they either lack skills or didn’t understand the true meaning of what leadership is. Before becoming a leader you have to assess yourself and your skills and ask yourself “Can I actually be a leader?”

If your answer is yes, then you must know the habits you must avoid to be a good leader.


1- Always Doubting

Stop doubting everything and every decision you or your employees make.

We all go through a moment where we doubt our decisions and even the opinions of our team! This is what keeps a leader humble, but the most important thing is that it shouldn’t affect the leadership style or the team in a negative way.

If you let doubt control your thoughts, it will paralyze your mind and make you skeptical and hesitant to make any decision.


2- Always Complaining

Don’t complain all the time, work on solving the problems.

A leader shouldn’t complain a lot; in fact, they are the ones who should solve the problems. If your employees heard you complaining a lot, it will be contagious and you will find them complaining too. So, you should set an example and teach them to complain less and solve more.


3- Rejecting Opinions And Feedback

Don’t reject before listening.

Some leaders stick to their opinion and their opinion only despite how everyone might think. Not listening to your team will affect them negatively and over time you find them not contributing in meetings or even in brainstorm meetings.

Being a leader means you need to listen to your employees and their feedback and understand their perspectives.

This will open your mind to new options.


4- Interfering Into Every Little Detail

This is called Micromanaging and it is one of the worst management styles you can follow.

Micromanagement can destroy your employees’ morale and crush their creativity! You’re controlling their creativity and their ability to grow.

Instead, give them space to express themselves and share their ideas without interfering in the details; learn to trust your employees so they can trust their abilities.


5- Not Working On Your Self-development

Even if you’re a leader, you will always need to learn new skills.

Being a leader means you are a source of inspiration to others as they always learn from you. As a leader, you need to invest in yourself and always work on learning more skills; it is one of the ways that could lead you to success.

Remember, your improvement will affect your employees and your corporate results.


6- Treating Your Employees As If They’re Beneath You

This will push them away and you will earn a bad reputation.

Having more experience than your employees doesn’t mean that you can treat them as if they’re inexperienced! Treating them as if they’re beneath you will immediately make you arrogant and with time you will no longer be a leader because you will have no team to lead!

As a leader, you should be encouraging and supporting your employees to improve and be the best version of themselves. You shouldn’t be afraid to hire employees who know more than you as it will all lead to the success of your business.


Being a bad leader will cost you your business and reputation and you might not get a chance to fix it all.

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