6 Consequences You Could Face If You Lied On Your Resume

Job-hunting can sometimes be a tricky process especially if you desperately need a job. One of the main keys to getting accepted in a job is your resume! Therefore most candidates always make sure their resume looks perfect and filled with experience.

Here’s the thing, if your resume is filled with an experience that you actually have, then it should be put, but if you’re lying on your resume, then this could get you into serious trouble.

Some people lie on their resumes because they desperately need a job, this is not an excuse; in fact, you could lose a job opportunity due to this lie.

We will tell you what could happen if you lied on your resume.


1- You’re Fired!

If you actually got hired with this lie, later on, you can get fired!

If you lied about your skills, it can be easily discovered. You will have to use this skill in your job at a certain point, so not knowing how will lead your employer to find out you lied. So, this might cost you’re your job.

This company hired you to do the job as it is not to learn what you already learned! So, eventually, your company will find out.



2- You Just Ruined Your Reputation

This lie can cost you your reputation and no one would hire you!

Some companies ask for a reference from their candidates to check the authenticity. So, if you lied, it would be easily discovered and this can cost you not just the potential job but your reputation.

If you were hired and got fired for lying, companies might find out when you apply for other jobs, so it will be known among your field that your resume is not authentic. So, avoid lying because you don’t know whom you will run into in future interviews; might be the one who found out about your lie.



3- This Company Will Never Trust You Again

If you lied on your resume and the company found out in the interview, you can kiss this company goodbye!

If your employer found out you have false information on your resume, either after getting hired or in the middle of the interview, you will lose your chance forever. Companies will never hire someone who lied on their resume, not now and not even in the future; so, if you were caught, you won’t be getting any second chance even for an interview.



4- Could Face Legal Actions

Legal actions depend on the info you lied about.

If you lied about your military service then the consequences will be harsh! In this case, legal actions might be taken and you could face serious punishment. So, put in mind that some lies can be illegal and can ruin your whole future.



5- 24/7 of Stress and Anxiety

You will live in fear of getting caught all the time.

If you think getting hired means you’re safe, think again! In fact, you just put yourself in an endless loop of stress and anxiety. You will always be scared of people finding out about your false skills or experience. So, you won’t face just your work stress, but also the stress of getting caught.



6- Your Employer Could Do Some Research

Some employers do research to make sure your resume is valid, so are you ready to face the consequences?

If your future employer did some research about you or contacted your reference and found out you lied, you will be in an embarrassing situation.

Aside from facing the real consequences of jeopardizing your career, you will face a huge embarrassment, affecting your mental and psychological health. To appear in front of someone as a liar is definitely not a pleasant experience.


No matter how much you need a job, never lie about your experience or skills, instead, try to gain them.

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