How to Be a Better Manager: 5 Crucial Tips

A very hot topic that has always been trending on social media platforms is how managers can be tough and how some of them can be inconsiderate. Almost every day we come across a meme that is making fun of managers or someone who quit their jobs because of their managers.

Being a manager requires many skills that are gained through experience and through dealing with other managers but it is important to gain the right skills. Most managers have this thought that they have to be firm and serious all the time, which is absolutely incorrect.

If you are a manager or about to be, take a look at this so you know how to become a better manager.


1- Your Employees Are Your Family

Your employees are the essence of your company, so you have to know each one of them on a personal and professional level, this will make your employees feel comfortable in the company. Know their talents and their goals and encourage them, and create a family out of them.

Also, Getting to know the new employees is a must since they tend to feel anxious about joining a new place and meeting new people. Knowing them will make them feel welcomed and that they are part of the family.


2- Listen and Communicate

Make some room in your schedule for your employees. Every company has problems and most of the employees face problems at work, this where your role begins. You have to dedicate some time to listen to your employees’ problems and solve them. This is how you can make your company a better workplace for people to work in.

Also, you have to communicate with them, your role doesn’t revolve around saying Hi and Bye each day; you have to make them feel that you’re their friend, have a conversation with them, and ask them about things outside of work.


3- Be a Mentor

Being a manager is great, but being a mentor is even greater. Be someone who they look up to, share your knowledge, and always teach them something new. When you get to know your employees, you will know the skills they lack, as a mentor, you can teach them and direct them to the right way to enhance their performance and develop their skills.

Share your experience with them and always give them advice regarding work.


4- Everyone Loves to be Appreciated and Motivated

If you want happy and loyal employees then appreciate what they do and motivate them to do better.

A while ago, there was a post on social media that shows how happy an employee feels when they receive appreciation from their managers. This post was 100% accurate, no matter how much an employee complains from their work, an appreciation will boost their energy and will make them feel that they want to do more.

Appreciation leads to motivation, when you praise their work, they will feel motivated and as a manager and a mentor, you have to always encourage them to do better and more. Encourage them to build a career and tell them how to do so.

In the end, motivation will lead to productivity.


5- Improve Yourself and your Managerial skills

Your managerial skills will always need improvement. You can do so by asking your employees for their feedback about you as a manager. This will make you realize what skills need improvement and what skills need to be gained.

You have to make room for yourself so you can enhance your performance this will affect your employees and will be a part of your process of becoming a better manager.


Always remember, It is easy to be a manager, but it’s not easy to be a good manager and a mentor.

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