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5 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is A Double-Edged Sword

Online shopping has been gaining worldwide popularity over the past years and with the recent circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus, which forced everyone to stay home and to keep a social distance, online shopping became very common among people. Almost everyone is now purchasing everything online, clothes, devices, groceries, anything you can possibly imagine.

We can’t deny that online shopping became an essential part of our life due to the recent circumstances, you literally can by anything you want through it. Although it has many advantages to simplify our life, it has many disadvantages that can cause many complications and can be a double-edged weapon.


1- Convenient but Can Make You less Social

One of the best things about online shopping is that it is available 24/7. You can be in bed in your Pajamas checking every online store to pick anything you want to buy. You don’t have to wait in a line to reach the cashier, you don’t have to be in a crowded place, and you can do all of your shopping in minutes.

As much as this is convenient and makes life a lot easier, online shopping can make you less social because you will stop interacting with people. You’re doing everything virtually without even having to talk, you only sent texts to order and then you’re done.


2- Any Kind of Store is Accessible but Could It be a Spam?

All stores are available on the internet, you can find whatever you want; you could spend a long time looking for a certain thing and ending up finding it in seconds online. But is it trusted?

The main problem of online shopping is not knowing if this website or page is spam or not. Many people have been in situations where they were scammed and lost a huge amount of money. So, before you purchase, you have to be sure of the authenticity of the online shop.


3- Fast Ordering, Better Prices but Delayed Delivery

You can buy books, clothes, any kind of products and put it one cart and just check out, also some websites offer low prices, discounts, offers, and codes to use to enjoy certain privileges. Even though this sounds perfect but you can face some delivery troubles. Many people have come across situations where they have to complain about delayed delivery and sometimes help is not even given properly.


4- Easily Done Comparison between Shops but Returning and Exchanging Policy Issues

One of the privileges of online shopping is that you can compare products and prices easily and in no time so you can choose what’s suitable for you. The one thing that online shopping does not offer is the returning policy; normal on-ground stores give you around 15 days to exchange or return but when it comes to online stores, they don’t offer that. Your purchases are exposed to be damaged due to shipping, which will give you a hard time in trying to exchange or even trying to reach the website.


5- Expectations Vs Reality

One of the very common problems is how the item is put on the website and how it looks in reality. The online store doesn’t offer you the fitting option, therefore many people complain about their orders, as they didn’t look like the ones in the posted picture or the size is different.

The issue that also faces people is that these websites or pages sometimes reply to customers in a rude way so, the customers end up not having the proper item, losing their money, and can’t even file a proper complaint.


Share with us your story with online shopping, did you face any troubles or you’ve always had a peaceful process?

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