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5 Egyptians who understands digital entertainment to keep your eye on in 2015

After South Korean pop sensation PSY breaks YouTube views counter with his iconic Gangnam Style recording 2,177,412,009 views on YouTube till now,It opened the door for for more challenges in the digital arena.

YouTube said, “We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views), but that was before we met PSY. “Gangnam Style” has been viewed so many times we have to upgrade! Hover over the counter in PSY’s video to see a little math magic and stay tuned for bigger and bigger numbers on YouTube.”

Because it’s not just about analyzing 2014 but also futureizing 2015, selected 5 Egyptians to be featured on Think Marketing who we believe they fully understands digital entertainment new trends and took promising steps during 2014 and we wish to witness more success during 2015. They all took steps which reflects a visionary mindset and the beauty of it is that no-one decided to ride the wave of political events to go viral, each one created his/her unique presence in the virtual world based on independent lines with no copy and paste mindset.

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They don’t act in front of the camera, they just express their talents and this would be the secret of their success, they talk from heart and this is why you will believe them


Khadiga Rehab

Because ladies first, We will start by this young lady branded with hashtag #DeegaTalk. As she started to cluster her marketing talents early at Teen Stuff magazine before she study Integrated Marketing and Communications at American University in Cairo. Decided to take a break and evaluate 2014 steps to come back again soon more prepared for bigger success in 2015 but still very active on Social Media specially Twitter with a recent hashtag #onaspositivenote

Sherif Fayed

With 270K fans on Facebook and 204K followers on Instagram,It’s pretty interesting to see his dad sharing most of his videos and you might envy the guy for having a dad with no generation gap for digital world. The handsome guy who also modeling for TV ads has exposed his talents by creating videos on Social Media but guess what? He skipped YouTube and decided to invade a new mediums with faster pace to be Vine Star !

Shady Srour

He totally dominate YouTube with 338K subscribers and 52M views. His skillful videos allowed him to be the first Egyptian at 19 years old to reach 50M viwes in 6 months! His videos always seems to be a short movie aligned with the news-jacking wave and he knows to play real-time marketing right. With series of Expectation Vs. Reality videos, of-course he didn’t miss ALS ice bucket challenge. Keep your eye on Shady as he is very close to join cinema movies soon!


It’s just a new experiment to see an Egyptian young band who dedicate all the work to digital mediums without considering CD production ! They are really smart to select the most effective mediums where their true fans exists.

With 23,304 subscribers and 1,152,881 views on YouTube, this guys will make you wonder if social media become the shortcut for fame.

Hesham Mansour

His creative mind and wild imagination qualified him to create a new flavor of sarcasm and he didn’t face any difficulties to put his touches in the advertising arena with trending buzz words like the famous [Khod Fishar] for Nestle Maxibon ice cream in Ramadan 2013 campaign. We love his mocking episodes specially the epic Advertising critics video

With 95K subscribers 4,5M views on YouTube, we are still waiting for Hesham’s 3rd season.

Hesham Shata

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