5 Dos and Don’ts to Leave a Good Impression at Your New Job

The first week of any new job will always be a little stressful; as much as you are excited for the brand-new beginning and for doing something you love; you will feel a little stressed because of the new atmosphere you will be involved in. One of the reasons that causes this stress is how to leave a good impression for your colleagues and your boss.

You have to leave a good impression as it will form your reputation at your work place. You already left a good one through your resume and in your interview, it is time to make this impression permanent.

So, relax, don’t put too much think into it and follow these simple tips to guide you to leaving a good impression.

1- Arrive Early, Leave Late

Always play it safe at your company. If you have strict working hours or flexible schedule, you   should still commit to your working time. It is always recommended to arrive a bit early before your co-workers as it is preferable for them to see you present when they walk in in the morning.

When the day is done, it is better if you stayed a bit late; if your working hours end by 5 and your colleagues stay till 6 then it is better you stay with them. It is better to wait for most of your co-workers to leave and then you can pack your things and go home. Also, avoid long lunch breaks so no one feels that you are wasting time.

2- Dress to Impress

People sometimes judge based on the looks; you might want to avoid that. Part of making a good impression is dressing up properly for your job. Don’t dress too fancy and don’t go as a hippie! Always go for a smart and neat look in the beginning and later on you can dress comfortably but always keep it neat and simple.

3- Show Some Positivity

It is important to show some positive vibes and enthusiasm around the place as it always leaves a good impression. Be friendly with your co-workers and show excitement about your job and doing the tasks.

Don’t complain about a certain duty you were handed or about your tasks in general or even a co-worker. Being positive is one of the main factors that can form a good reputation and a good impression.

4- Ask for Help

Even if you have previous experience, you won’t always have all the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask a question or call for help if you are stuck at doing a certain task. No one is expecting you to know everything on the very first day. So, prepare your questions, always take notes to show that you are always eager to learn and communicate with your co-workers so you can do your job accurately.

5- Avoid Gossip

As your co-workers spent more time than you did in the company, you will find them all have stories to tell. Stay away from the office gossip or rumors as there will be plenty. Focus on your work and how to do your tasks perfectly to deliver it by time. Keep your conversations random and always have a neutral opinion when to something related to your work or a co-worker.

A good impression forms a good reputation which are the main factors in any new job, this is what you are going to live with if you stayed in this job. Therefore, work hard on leaving a good impact on people, you want them to speak good of you.

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