5 Cons of Having A Good Manager

Having a good manager gives the company a good reputation. The most common wish among all employees is to have a good manager who is understanding and can become their mentor. In fact, good managers can drive their employees to be more productive and productivity will lead to impressive results for the company.

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So, we can all agree that having a good manager in the company can positively affect it, but have you ever thought that there might be a dark side to having a good manager? In fact, sometimes having them can harm the company; that might happen if they decide to leave the workplace.

So, today we will tell you how having a good manager has cons.


1- Comparing The Old to The New One

When a good manager leaves and another one joins, there will be a comparison.

Employees will start comparing the new manager to the old one, which will not lead to good results because both are different. Everyone has their own behavior and attitude when it comes to dealing with their team and this will bother the employees.

In fact, they might notice the smallest different traits and they might actually bother them. The new manager will also have a different system when it comes to tasks and this will be an issue.


2- Employees Might Leave

Sometimes when good managers leave, employees leave with them.

Based on personal experience, sometimes employees tell their managers that if they left, they would leave with them. Some of them might actually do it!

Some employees might apply for the same company the manager is going to, and sometimes they leave because they can’t get along with the new replacement.

So, the company might end up losing more than just a good manager.


3- A New Different System

Changing a system can cause major problems.

A New manager can create a whole new system and employees might face difficulties getting used to it. No one wants their work system to change in one night; so, this will cause some issues for the employees.

Changing the work system might lead to less productivity and the employees’ performance might get bad.


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4- From Good to Bad

The new manager might actually be a bad one.

If the newly hired manager is a bad one, then this will be a real problem. In fact, this can drive employees to leave the company and there will be major consequences to having a bad manager right after a good one. So, companies have to make sure they are hiring a good manager who knows how to deal with their employees.


5- Struggling with Communication

The employees might find it hard to communicate with the new manager.

Every manager has their own way of communication that employees got used to; so, getting used to a new one will take a long time and it will cause a lack of communication. Also, the previous manager has already built a strong relationship with the employees; the new one might take a long time to build the same relationship.

Employees might find it hard to trust the new manager as well, even if he or she is a good one.


So, in the end, we’re not saying that bad managers are better, we’re saying that hiring a good manager comes with a cost and the company might face serious consequences if they left.

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