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5 Approaches to Keep Your Best Team Players on Board

Each company every once in a while needs to make sure that all of its employees are on board, especially when it is making new changes or adopting new methods, strategies, or ideas. The ones who can do this role are the managers; therefore, each manager should be able to communicate with their team to make sure they all get the bigger picture.

If you’re a manager and you were assigned to do this task, then here’s what you need to do to get all your team members on board.


1- Share The Goals (New and Old)

Whether there are new goals or not, you have to always remind your team of the goals you need to work on to achieve.

Every company has to set new goals every once in a while, especially if they achieved the old ones. As a manager, you always have to communicate these goals to your employees and have a discussion about what to do next.

This can make your employees get on board as you all will start working together and put a plan to achieve the new goals.


2- Encourage Them Whether They Succeed or Fail

Everyone is subjected to failure, even you. So, don’t bring them down, instead, encourage them to do better.

Some managers tend to scold their team or make them feel that they won’t achieve anything when they make a mistake or have an unproductive week. The worst thing you can do is bring your team down when they do a mistake or fail in a certain task; this won’t make them work harder.

What you can do is understand their problem and what are the reasons behind this failure, then try to come up with a solution and restore their faith in their skills.

Encouraging them even when they fail, will make them push themselves beyond their limits.

Also, when they succeed, you need to encourage them more to realize what they have achieved. This will make them do better.


3- Share Your Resources

You’re the expert, so you have to share with them your tips and tricks.

Don’t keep your resources to yourself. A manager is someone who teaches and passes on experience; if you want your team to be productive and top performers, then you have to help them become better.

So, always provide them with information and resources that can help them be aligned with the company’s vision and future plan.


4- Recognize Them As Individuals

Before you appreciate their teamwork, appreciate them as individuals.

You have to recognize each member’s effort and achievements and encourage them to do more. When a member feels that they’re being recognized, they will enhance their performance and always aspire to do more.

This is also how you make sure that your team members are developing and it will make you spot the ones who need more improvement.


5- Transparency Is Required

Transparency can set things straight and make them clear.

You have to be honest with your employees about every phase the company enters. Employees are a vital part of every company, this is why they need to be aware of all the circumstances and changes so they can be aligned with every decision.

You also have to listen to their opinions and feedback and take them into consideration, so everyone can be on the same level of understanding.


As a manager, you have to make sure all of your team members are on board so you can all walk together towards one goal. 

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