Beni Suef Power Plant will be the largest combined cycle power in the world

Beni Suef is a new combined-cycle natural gas power plant being built by Siemens for the Egyptian Government, as a part of the Egypt Megaproject. The 4.8GW power plant will be located in Beni Suef in the southern part of the country, approximately 110km south of Cairo.

It will be the world’s biggest gas-fired combined-cycle power plant complex when fully-operational in 2017, capable of providing electricity to approximately 15 million Egyptians.

Elsewedy Electric has carried out this project on a combined cycle technology with a total power capacity of 4,800 megawatts. Under a consortium with Siemens worth up to 2 billion Euros, and in the framework of activating the agreements that have been signed before in the Sharm El-Sheikh Economic Conference.

Beni Suef combined-cycle power plant details

Spread across an area of 500,000m², the plant will use innovative technology from Siemens that combines a gas turbine with a steam turbine to achieve high fuel-efficiency and low production costs. The exhaust heat from the gas turbines will be used to power the steam turbine, resulting in efficient working of the power plant with lower fuel consumption levels.

The plant will initially be operated in simple cycle mode, while heat exchangers and steam turbines will be gradually added to the plant to convert it into a combined-cycle plant, generating a total output of 4.8GW.

The power plant will be built in four modules, with each module including two H-class gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators, a steam turbine, and three 500kV generator transformers.

Egypt Megaproject

The Egypt Megaproject, which is being developed by a partnership between Siemens and the Government of Egypt, will involve the development of power generation facilities with a combined capacity of 16.4GW. It is expected to boost the country’s power generation by approximately 50%.

The megaproject includes building three 4.8GW turnkey combined-cycle power plants, namely Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital, and 12 wind parks, including approximately 600 wind turbines.

The project also involves the installation of gas insulated switchgear substations, and the expansion of transmission networks in Egypt.

The wind parks are expected to generate 2GW of energy and will generate first power in 2017.

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