Ramadan 2018

#30DaysOfKindness; the Ramadan spirit and Baraka

One of the main pillars of the holy month is charity, the choice to give without hesitation, even when you get nothing in return. In the midst of Ramadan, the Ramadan spirit is in high demand and brands are selling it through various campaigns.

Most brands have jumped into the season with huge budgets and big gestures, making the holy month the festive season that it is.

But sometimes, it is the small and simplest gestures that really carry the Ramadan spirit.


Welcome to 30 days of Kindness

Water brand Baraka has stepped up to carry the charitable atmosphere through its new 30 days of kindness (#تلاتين_يوم_بركة) campaign.

A humble campaign, Baraka asks people to take a photo of their bottles during the holy month with its hashtag, and for each photo the brand will donate 20 bottles of water for Iftar.

Last week, the brand posted its video to promote the campaign and encourage fans to share a bottle to provide bottles to those in need.



It is a simple yet effective campaign, with an easy-to-use CTA and a lot of the holy month’s spirit.

A few days later, ride sharing app Careem commented and joined the cause, providing rides for the donations throughout Ramadan.

Baraka’s humble yet powerful message of sending out donations without much in return, asking only for people to share the movement through their hashtag, captivated Careem into joining and helping out.

The ride share app’s jump to participate in the charitable campaign is amicable, and shows just how a simple message with a lot of spirit to add value can really move people.

This just goes to show that simplicity and a real want to help people is all that is needed to grab attention from stakeholders, and if done right, can even grab the attention of other companies willing to help.



Are you interested in sharing the holy month’s spirit and a Baraka photo? Let us know in the comments.

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