3 types of entrepreneurs you meet at 3 different pools

Summer time equals quality beach or pool time. No matter if it’s the hotel pool down the street or the beach a few hours away, it’s time to soak and relax.

This is also a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a change of scenery. Entrepreneurs are famous for constantly working, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to relax once in a while.

The pool is just one of those things that are a simple gateway to happiness and relaxation. But, different types of pools meet the requirements of very different entrepreneurs.

So, here are the 3 types of entrepreneurs you’ll find at these specific pools this summer.


The Innovator – Lagoons

Lagoons are fun, light and charming pools that like to resemble the beach. It’s the beach without the hassle of sand getting everywhere, i.e. better.

Lagoons bring the relaxing feeling of the beach, with the ability of reaching out and grabbing a phone to write down a quick idea while still in the water.

That is why innovators love lagoons.

Innovators aim for perfection but accept it’s a work in progress. They love to challenge old ideas, to innovate, upgrade or better the experience. They are brilliantly lazy, putting efficiency at the top of the list, and love to take notes.

These entrepreneurs love lagoons because it fits their personality perfectly. The longer the lagoon, the better. Lagoons such as in the upcoming PAROS phase from Mountain View’s Ras El Hikma are the perfect place for these entrepreneurs, mixing beach vibes with a modern twist.

A lagoon challenges the idea of the perfect beach getaway, but without messy sand and no access to an outlet. It allows them to relax, swim but quickly jump out to write down an idea or notes for a project. For more tech-savvy entrepreneurs, waterproof phones and tablets allow them to sit in the water while working.

Next time you’re at a hotel’s lagoon, look around for this entrepreneur.


The Networker – Central Pools

High-end or more extravagant hotels and resorts will usually have more than one pool, but its central pool will always be the center of attention. It is the community’s favorite get-together spot.

This is where families and friends socialize and play games, and this is where the networker feels the most comfortable.

This entrepreneur loves to be where the people, noise and action are. They love the thrill of meeting someone new, telling them of their work and making new connections.

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Central pools are full of new and exciting people to meet and greet, and new people to spread the networkers’ ideas to. The networker’s confidence can also bring a smile to people’s faces at the pool. It’s a hotel’s version of a more relaxed conference room/event hall, complete with snacks and drinks.

You’ll easily see this entrepreneur wherever all the commotion is, especially at the main pools as they happily talk shop and share stories.


The Workaholic – Garden Pools

Garden pools are the hidden gems of major hotels and resorts, where only the biggest and extra luxurious have garden pools in front of select rooms/villas. These are smaller than the average hotel pool but make up for it in privacy and solitude.

Intimate, quiet and slightly closed off, garden pools are perfect for people who simply want peace. It is also perfect for the Workaholic entrepreneur who just wants some time in front of the pool, while in front of the laptop.

These entrepreneurs don’t know when to quit and won’t admit to it. Friends, family and even coworkers have hassled them to go take a break, to relax a little.

Their method of taking a break?

Working in front of the pool.

These hard-working business owners are always on the case, rarely leaving the laptop out of sight. They won’t admit they can’t let it go, so they hide out at intimate and relaxing hidden swimming pools. They still get that pool selfie to share, to show their “commitment” to relaxing but in truth can be found working right outside their room.


It’s a Hard-working Summer

This summer is going to be filled with good times and summer happiness, no matter if you’re completely free or working on it.

It’s not that easy to find all of these entrepreneurs under one roof, but you can find them at PAROS, Mountain View Ras El Hikma’s newest phase. The Greek inspired phase is a bright white gateway to summer fun and happiness with several pools and classy Greek architecture.

You can find all of your pool needs here.PAROS has an exclusive resort with access to a nearly 2km swimmable lagoon, spacious central pools and cozy garden pools for those in need of solitude.

Check out PAROS here.

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