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3 things we can learn from Publicis’s new cooperative platform, Marcel

Today’s world is fast-paced, ever changing, and constantly evolving, so why (as agencies and companies) aren’t we?

We continue to use what is established within industries as the set rules of communication, whether it inhouse or external. We send emails, call people up for meetings and do conference calls. Team members are still writing down tasks on papers, excel sheets for timelines and project management, and etc.

Publicis Global is stepping forward with one of the biggest and most ambitious commitments to evolving the way a company can interact, both locally and internationally.

According to their press release, Marcel is an “AI-powered innovation that will accelerate transforming the organization…creating the first truly borderless, frictionless enterprise workforce.”

Simply put, Marcel is a new platform created to connect all of the company’s 800k+ employees, across 200 disciplines in 130 countries, aimed at getting them to collaborate, as well as be more productive and creative together.


Publicis is stepping out of closed environments to throw the door open for a wider range of possibilities and allowing its people to reach talent across the world to ensure better collaboration and greater results.

“Marcel is a journey to shift Publicis Groupe from a holding company to a platform and give creative minds the freedom to progress and thrive in this ever-changing industry” Stated Chairman & CEO, Arthur Sadoun.

“Marcel is the proof of our commitment to our people. At Publicis, we will put them first in our transformation, and give them the opportunity to learn, share and create more than anywhere else.”

It is definitely an ambitious project, but for those of us who don’t have more than 100 team members, what can we learn from Publicis’s determined commitment?


The Commitment to evolve with the industry and technology

New social media platforms, new features, new algorithms, AI, VR, AR and etc. Our world is ever expanding, no matter what business or industry you are in.

It is time for us to become more interested in ways new technologies can help us improve, to be more efficient and effective. And you don’t have to start big.

Small changes such as finding easier apps to call, such as Google’s Duo, or keeping track with a virtual task manager like TeamWork are enough to get the ball rolling.

Sometimes it’s a bit bigger, such as print companies creating websites and social media positions or moving financial data from paper to an online cloud for security and accessibility.

In the end, a focus on using growing technology for your company can only help you in the long run, as well as helps your company evolve to become more capable in the ever-changing world of today.


The Commitment to your people

The team member experience has always been lacking in certain areas, with CEO’s stating they care about their members but without real heavy action behind the scenes.

We have been so focused on building the perfect customer experience that we have forgotten our biggest supporters and stakeholders, our people.

A focus on the team member experience isn’t just CSR, it is the initiative to build a relationship with members of staff to establish loyalty, good word of mouth and dedication to one another.

It is targeting the most important stakeholder you have and having them be positive about your company on the front lines.

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Start by building their experience, beginning with the company culture. The company culture truly creates and defines your brand identity, attracts talent, keeps talent happy and ready to work, and builds a deep-rooted sense of loyalty to those that love it.

A commitment to your people is a commitment to your brand’s values and its future.


The Commitment for the best results possible

Publicis’s main goal, other than building a platform for their 800k+ employees, is to make collaborating easier, and more collaboration equals better results.

Marcel will enable creativity to flow between people continents apart, enabling the company to put forth better pitches and work than before. This shows just how committed Publicis is to providing clients with the best results possible, and you should be too.

The most important part to remember that when you started, it was always about quality. Today it is about finding that quality work and improving it tenfold.

Find your company’s weakness and build upon it. If you have the power and budget, build an app to fix it, if not then you can find an app or a more cost-effective solution that will still get the job done.

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