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3 steps for traditional PR to make use of Digital Media

It’s been years since the internet was invented, and years since internet giants such as Google and Facebook have taken the world by storm. And yet, when almost all industries have embraced the online world in one way or the other, one continues to stay stubborn. Public Relations.

For those starting to make the move online, or the PR professionals who need a little reminder of how to merge online and offline, this is for you.


Social Sharing

While it has become the normal to post some belated press releases online, mostly on websites, it hasn’t become the norm to design the Press Release according to a social platform.

With Facebook and Twitter, try to have a designer create an aesthetic infographic look for your press release. It should be short and straight to the point. If there is too much information, then make it a short summary and link back to the original (which should be on your client’s website).

LinkedIn is filled with other professionals, so simply choosing an attractive or relevant photo for the LinkedIn post should be enough to have people come and read it.

Make sure to publish the PR on the platform itself, but also have a downloadable link available.

Otherwise, ensure your events and other work have their own hashtag to be use, as well as post on social platforms about it.

Allowing people, such as journalists, share the press release, you can ensure a wider reach.


Engage an influencer or two

Simply put, finding and communicating with popular industry leaders are a great way to extend your reach.

An influencer is a great way to engage new people, especially when they have a large and somewhat relevant group of followers.

As with social sharing, provide your influencer with a way to utilize their special platform to help you reach new audiences. Some of the ways to help spread the word are through special giftbags, taking them to a specific location, etc; just as you would with traditional PR.

Rather than a normal celebrity, such an actors or singers, you are reaching out to popular online icons.


Leverage content marketers and creators

Content has become king of the online world, creating desired and needed content that internet users hunger for.

Gateways for reaching massive audiences aren’t only limited to social media, PR and marketers alike have to compete on search results as well. And nothing does great search results as content does.

Finding content marketers is just like looking for marketing agencies, there’s plenty of good ones out there.

Content creators are the people who create multiple content such as videos, articles and blog posts. Just like with traditional PR and journalists, make deals with content creators that work in relevant fields such as PR and Marketing online magazines.

Choose ones with a wide audience reach, and have the relevant audiences you seek.

Content creators are seen as more dignified than influencers, as creators aren’t simply showing off their achievements, they are helping others.

They also have the ability to describe at length about the event, press release or what else you wish them to promote. They are seen as reliable and honest people, as they do not flaunt the work they do with others as much as an influencer would.


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