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This Epic Facebook Status for 24 Years Old Goal !

While Facebook decreasing the organic reach for fan pages, nothing can guarantee increasing your fan base growth rate except your content strategy. And as all the studies says that Social Media viral impact mostly comes when publishing funny, shocking or, nostalgic posts. This status make it more about logic.

Back in the 14th FIFA World Cup in Italy, Captain Magdy Abdel El Ghany Scored the sole goal of Egypt vs. Netherlands and even The Egyptian National Football Team set unbreakable African record winning Africa Cup of Nations 7 times in history, 4 of them after 1990 with 7 trophies but yet only 1 goal in FIFA World Cup since 1990 scored by Captain Magdy.

After 24 years, Netherlands football team produced the most dramatic of late comebacks to beat Mexico 2-1 and advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. This made the Dutch so happy to publish such creative status by the diplomatic mission in Egypt.

Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt

Captain Magdy Abdel Ghani 24 years old goal in world cup 1990 in Italy have been a source of  sarcasm between Egyptians in all ages. Even Vodafone Egypt decided to invest in a campaign starring Captain Magdy during World Cup 2014 qualifiers to reflect what we can call it a national demand for scoring more goals in Fifa WC to get some peace from Captain Magdy’s goal.

Experts advises favor visual content for optimizing your social media presence but the mindful social media handler for Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt proves its all about logic in how do approach fans in smart way where you combine multiple factors to make a headline statement for social media news-jacking.

New page likes increase by 1,928.1% sounds good to proof move from the approach via cartoon and comics age into intellectual jokes ages.

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