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16 DASH attacking “Hug Digital” and “MO4” in hiring posts on Facebook!

Marketing seems to have entered a new era of attack ads and the phenomenon moving from brand-to-brand attack to agency-to-agency attack. While we are busy reviewing ideas and content created for Halloween marketing campaigns, we captured a posts by a newly established agency called “16 DASH” that claims to disrupt the advertising field in the region in the shortest possible period of time!

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Disrupt the advertising field sounds like a mission more than a marketing tactic for “16 DASH”. As content is an important aspect for every digital agency marketing efforts, 16 DASH latest hiring campaign launched with subliminal brand attack to make it look like an internal joke for the digital marketing industry in Egypt by announcing a vacancy for graphic designers and account executives while subliminally hitting on “Digital Hug” and “MO4”.

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Comparative advertising become No. 1 ad strategy in marketing right now, usually attacking ads more or less effective than regular ads but the new agency might have chosen a shortcut or 5 seconds of fame by going after the big agencies, however, it was a non-innocent move… Since they are not in direct competition to use this type of humor advertisement as we usually see Burger King and McDonald’s, Pepsi and Coca Cola globally or just like Vodafone and Etisalat in the Egyptian local market.

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Even the above-mentioned brands, they would not make a lurid advertisement as such. Etisalat was harshly criticized when they re-branded Vodafone’s Genie in their Ramadan commercial. As [El Mared] became a registered trademark for Vodafone’s adverts.

16 DASH attacking Hug Digital:

The published post using “هجص” word in Arabic which roughly translate to “being full of hot air” which pronounced exactly the same as “Hugs”, looks so suspiciously like Hug Digital logo!

16 DASH hiring campaign post on Facebook.

Playing with words and graphical elements to make followers think for a second and visualize Hug Digital as un-credible brand. OK, good but we wonder if such a move will increase the credibility of “16 DASH” which aims to be previewed as smart and funny brand?!



16 DASH attacking MO4

The obvious change the ‘O’ of Mo4 logo to shackles and implying that the agency’s drawback is long hours and “slavery” attitude. That implication on its own, is relatable for almost everyone in the digital marketing industry but it has nothing to do with MO4 in particular, it is the requirement of the field itself, so we would like to know how they would manage their employees to have a 9-5 jobs. Once we work in digital marketing, we never sleep!

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Recent studies show millions of people regularly work overtime for no extra pay which is totally unfair. If you know that your overtime isn’t helping you reach these goals, or is even halting your plans, it’s time to stop.

Staying late is actually very bad for your overall health. Even if you love your job “which we can imagine many people reading this do”,  you should be leaving on time.

If staying late working is defined as slavery. Should we claim that HR and recruitment agencies are involved in human trafficking crime industry?!


How the MO4 Network logo been used:



Always Respect Your Competition:

Successful marketing campaign requires the confidence of believing in your team ability to create value for your dream clients. Devalue your competition will never guarantee winning new clients because potential clients will not chose you by reducing or underestimating the worth or importance of your competitors!

Even if you are not the market leader, never take any competitor leadership or weaknesses for granted. You don’t have to be bigger or stronger to win in any market competition. You do have to know your competitive advantage then execute well to win.

Always respect, but never fear your competition
Always respect, but never fear your competition.

Small competitors, can direct certain types of attack against market leaders to gain popularity but we are not sure if 16 DASH was about to attract talents from Hug Digital and MO4 or, the campaign was all about creating a digital buzz around the young market player how got the guts and ambition to take such a bold move!

If you have the skill and know the weakness of your competitors then prove and fix them by your work, let your work speak for you.

Always Respect Your Competitors!

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