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11 Egyptian Leaders To Join The Facebook 2020 Community Accelerator Program

In March 2020, Facebook announced its launch for its new Community Accelerator program for Community leaders. The applicants had a chance to apply from March 2020 until the first of May 2020.

This Facebook’s program is a part of the Facebook Community Leadership Program; the community accelerator aims to gather leaders from all around the world who have an impact on their community; the program will support those leaders and give them the power to build a strong community, develop it, sustain it, and to make people come together.

The community accelerator program is for leaders who established a community that is leaving an impact on people, have the time to invest in themselves and their dreams, and for those who are ready to grow using Facebook alongside its applications.

11 Egyptian Participants Are Accepted

On the 13th of July 2020, Facebook announced its list of the Community Accelerator Program’s participants, this list included a selection of 11 Egyptian participants along with many more from different countries.

Those 11 Egyptians own very well-known projects that you probably heard of. They are: Rami Elgebali from Atfal Mafkouda, Alaa Afifi Kamal from Bekia, Fady Younan from Egyptian Professionals Network (EPN), Roaa Ahmed from Entreprenelle, Amir Mohamed from Markazzy, Islam Kamal from Nomads, Rania Atef from I Make This, Ibrahim Shams from Kiliim, Doaa Gawish from the famous community The Hair Addict, Nadia Gamal El-Din from Rahet Bally, and finally Alban de Menonville from VeryNile.

Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2020 : What The Program Will Provide?

Facebook launches the new Community Accelerator Program to help leaders utilize Facebook’s tools. The Community Accelerator is a six months program that will provide the participants with training and the funding they need since it is financially funded. In the first 3 months, the participants will learn from experts, coaches, and will have the ability to create a customized curriculum to develop and grow their communities.

In the second 3 months, the participants will start to execute their plans and apply what they have learned during this 6 months program with the support of the program’s team and their network. The Community Accelerator program has put 30 million dollars for the chosen participants, which will make each leader receive around 30,000 dollars.

The Head of Community Partnerships EMEA, Facebook Brie Rogers Lowery, stated that the selected communities can bring people closer and make them feel connected. The program will help female entrepreneurs, support families during tough times, and spread more awareness around mental health. With the help of the Community Accelerator program, these communities can make a change and leave a positive impact. She also said, “We’ve been so impressed with the caliber of applicants and strength of this group of participants in Egypt and we can’t wait to see what they achieve over the next six months to reach new people, expand to new geographies and scale their impact.”


Facebook partners with RiseUp to bring digital skills training to Egyptian startups

RiseUp Summit holds a partnership with the Facebook Community Accelerator program and Abdelhameed Sharara who is the CEO of RiseUp said, “Communities – just like start-ups – require nurturing and a strong support system that allows them to reach their true potential. We are proud to work together with Facebook to offer this regional program, and create an environment that drives effective progress for these communities and stimulate practical innovation.”

Facebook in Partnership with RiseUp Expands ‘Boost with Facebook’ Program to Support SMBs Through Economic Recovery

We are so proud of the Egyptian participants and can’t wait to see the progress they will be making throughout this program as it is a great opportunity for development.


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