10 Types of People You Will Find In Every Workplace

Have you ever switched jobs and met the same type of people?

No matter how many companies you worked for, you will always find yourself meeting the same type of people you worked with before. It doesn’t have to be all of them, but you’ve at least met a couple of types.

So, whether you work in a big company or a small one, there will always be certain types of people that you will come across.

So, we are here to tell you about 10 types of people you will find in every workplace.


1- The Boss’s BFF

This type knows all the details about your boss; they even can affect the boss’s opinions regarding any work matter.

They usually come second right after your boss. For example, if your boss isn’t here to make a decision, they do it on their behalf. They have the ability to handle everything and make decisions and usually, this puts them in a place where some employees get jealous.


2- The Whisperer

This is not the boss’s best friend, but they tell your boss everything happens inside the work office.

They are almost in every company and they tell your boss or manager about every problem or every complaint. They also tend to suck up to anyone with a high position.


3- The Watcher

This type simply knows everything about everyone and knows every little thing that happens in the company.

You might think they don’t notice anything, but they’re watching everything happening in the office. Some of them are even the ones who introduce the new employees to the whole company and let them know the rules.

If you missed a day, be sure that whatever happened, they will tell you about it.



4- The Walking Headphones

They arrive with their headphones on, they work with their headphones on, and they leave with their headphones on.

They don’t like to be interrupted while working. You will have to call their name about 20 times so they answer. And if you are lucky enough, you might call their name while they shuffle songs so they hear you.

Want to know a little secret about this type? Sometimes they’re not listening to music, they just have their headphones on to avoid any human interaction.


5- And The Best Gossiping Awards Goes To…

You have to tell the difference between the watcher who knows everything, the one who gossips who can’t keep a thing to themselves.

The watcher doesn’t really talk unless someone asked them, but this type comes out of nowhere to tell which two employees just had a fight, or which employee had a salary deduction.


6- The Coffeeholic

This type doesn’t process anything until they have their coffee first.

You might relate to this type and you might be it. If you’re not a morning person then you definitely need your coffee to start your day, so does this type. Whenever you go to them with a problem or ask them for an opinion, they will postpone till after coffee.


7- The One Who’s Full of Energy

Their morning energy can make you anxious!

There is this person who comes in the morning full of energy. They start conversations, they joke around, and they’re just full of energy. While you struggle to keep your eyes open in the morning, they already started working on their tasks.


8- The One Who’s Always Hot

No matter what season we’re in, they still want to turn on the AC and put it on the ‘Freezing’ degree.

Their office or desk is always freezing; it doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, they’re feeling hot inside the office. Also, you always struggle with them to either turn off the AC or adjust the temperature to be tolerable.


9- The One Who’s Always Cold

This is the opposite of the one who’s always cold and both just hate each other.

This type always fights with the previous one; one of them wants the AC off while the other thinks it’s summer and wants it on. And even if it’s summer, it’s still cold to this type.

To cut it short, these two types can never get along when it comes to working in the same place with an air conditioner.


10- The Food Lover

“So, what are we eating today?” You probably heard this sentence in every workplace you’ve been in.

This is everyone’s favorite type; you can be in the middle of a task and they just pop up asking you “What are we eating today?”

They know all the restaurants, they also know the good ones, and if you’re not hungry, they will make you feel hungry.

They encourage everyone to eat and to give up their diet.


So, tell us which one of these types you’ve met at work.

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